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Automated Side Stand Retrieval Mechanism for Motorcycles


Motorbikes offer the thrill of speed but also come with their fair share of risks. One often-overlooked hazard is the bike side stand that riders frequently forget to retract. Enter the Smart Bike Stand—a fully automatic side stand retrieval mechanism that tackles this issue head-on.

The Problem With Traditional Stands

Traditional bike stands are simple but flawed. Riders often forget to retract them, leading to potentially dangerous situations, especially when the bike is in motion.

How Does the Smart Bike Stand Work?

Utilizing a microcontroller circuit and a motorized system, the Smart Bike Stand automatically retracts the side stand when you start your bike. The setup consists of several components:

  • Starter
  • Frame to mount the bike upright
  • Motorized Side Stand
  • Electronics Circuit
  • Frame Rod, Mounts, and Joints
  • Screws and Bolts

When you turn the bike on, the electronics circuit activates, causing the motorized side stand to slide from a vertical to a horizontal position. Once you turn the key off, the stand reverts to its original position, allowing the bike to rest on the side stand safely.


  • Automated Stand Slide: No need to manually retract the stand.
  • Enhanced Safety: Eliminates accidents due to a forgotten stand.

Pricing and Availability

Whether you’re interested in bike single stand prices or bike double stand prices, rest assured that there’s a Smart Bike Stand to fit your budget. The smart bike stand is a valuable addition to any automatic bike, auto gear bike, or even a main stand bike.


The Smart Bike Stand offers a comprehensive solution to an overlooked problem in motorcycle safety. With automatic stand retrieval, you can focus more on the road and less on your bike’s side stand.

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