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Automatic Mechanical Garage Door Openers


Garage doors have come a long way from being manually operated to becoming fully automated. Our innovative automatic garage door opener not only brings you the convenience of opening and closing your garage door at the touch of a button but also incorporates advanced technology for smooth, regulated door motion.

Design and Fabrication

Our system utilizes a unique assembly consisting of a threaded screw, fabricate mini door, pulley, connecting rods, mounts, motor, and supporting frame. These elements work together to provide efficient and automated garage door operation.

Technical Specifications


  • 12V DC Motor: Powers the entire system
  • Mini Door: Fabricated to glide on the threaded screw
  • Screws: For mounting and connecting components
  • Pulley and Belt: For transferring motor power to the screw
  • Mounts: Holds the motor and other components
  • Supporting Frame: Provides structural integrity
  • Joints & Fixtures: Ensures stable and secure attachments

How It Works

When activated, the 12V DC motor starts rotating. Through a pulley and belt arrangement, the motor’s power is transferred to a large screw. As the screw rotates, the fabricate mini door moves along its threading in the desired direction—either opening or closing the garage door. A switch controls the motor’s direction, allowing for bidirectional movement of the door.


  • Automated Door Opening & Closing: Say goodbye to the hassle of manually operating your garage door.
  • Smooth Regulated Motion: The motor and screw mechanism ensure that the door opens and closes smoothly, without any jolts or disruptions.


This automatic garage door opener is suitable for both residential and commercial use, offering a convenient and efficient way to secure your vehicle and property.

Future Upgrades

Plans are underway to integrate smart home compatibility, enabling you to control your garage door via a smartphone application.

By opting for our advanced automatic garage door opener system, you’ll not only enhance the security of your garage but also add an element of convenience to your daily life.

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