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Case Study On Retaining Top Talents at Murugappa Group Company Chennai

Every organization needs inventory for the smooth running of its activities. It serves as a link between production and distribution processes. The investment in inventories constitutes the most significant part of current assets/working capital in most of the undertakings. Thus, it is very essential to have proper control and management of inventories. The purpose of inventory management is to ensure the availability of materials in sufficient quantity as and when required and also to minimize investment in inventories. Raw materials, goods in process and finished goods all represent various forms of inventory. Each type represents money tied up until the inventory leaves the company as purchased products. Because of the large size of the inventories maintained by firms, a considerable amount of funds is required to be committed to them

It is therefore absolutely imperative to manage inventories efficiently and effectively in order to avoid unnecessary investments. A firm neglecting the management of inventories will be jeopardizing its long-run profitability and may fail ultimately. The reduction in excessive inventories carries a favorable impact on the company’s profitability.

The study starts with an introduction to inventory management, Company’s profile, Achievements and also the need for study, review of literature and objectives are set out for the study. Research methodology, Data Analysis & Interpretation, Findings and Suggestions of the study follow.

One of the main areas of the project is the analysis part, where the data are analyzed & interpreted, to find out how the inventories were managed. Some of the tools used in inventory are regarding:

  • Economic Order Quantity
  • Safety Stock
  • FSN Analysis
  • Trend Analysis and
  • Inventory Turnover



Title – A Case Study On Retaining The Best Talents In Murugappa Group Of Companies Chennai

Author – Anil Kumar Khadka

College – Pondicherry University 

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