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Classroom Efficiency with the Automatic Blackboard/Whiteboard Cleaner System


In the world of education, time is of the essence. Traditional methods of cleaning blackboards and whiteboards often consume valuable time. Introducing the Automatic Board Cleaner, a system designed to automate this mundane task, making classrooms more efficient.

The Necessity for Automation

Manually cleaning boards can disrupt the flow of a lesson and require physical effort. In contrast, our automated system ensures an efficient and quick cleaning process, preserving both time and energy.

How It Works

The Automatic Board Cleaner is a well-integrated system featuring:

  • Dusters: Attached to shafts for cleaning.
  • Motor: Drives the shafts for a circular cleaning motion.
  • Rollers: Help in the horizontal movement of the cleaner across the board.

The system makes use of two motors, one for the circular motion of the dusters and another for the horizontal movement of the frame. These motors work in synchronization to ensure a thorough cleaning.


  • Dusters: Carry out the actual cleaning.
  • Motor: Powers the system.
  • Shaft: Connects the dusters.
  • Supporting Frame: Holds the cleaner together.
  • Rollers: Facilitate horizontal movement.


  • Easy Cleaning: One button operation.
  • No Manual Effort Needed: Automated process.
  • Fast Board Cleaning: Cleans in less than half the time compared to manual methods.


The Automatic Board Cleaner is more than just a convenience; it’s a revolutionary change for educational institutions. It streamlines the cleaning process, making it quick, efficient, and effortless.

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