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DIY Portable Mini Refrigerator – Power of Peltier Modules for Can Cooling


The conventional refrigerators we use today, though effective, are bulky and can be costly to operate. If you’ve ever desired a more compact and energy-efficient option for cooling cans or small food packets, then a Peltier-based mini cooler fridge is your answer.

The Technology Behind Peltier Cooling

A Peltier module, or thermoelectric cooler, leverages the Peltier effect for cooling. This phenomenon creates a temperature differential by transferring heat between two electrical junctions. When a voltage is applied across these conductors, one junction cools down while the other heats up.

Key Components

  • Peltiers: The core of the cooling system.
  • Heatsink: Helps dissipate heat generated.
  • Cooling Fan: Enhances heat expulsion.
  • LCD Display and Keypad: For user interface.

How It Works

  • Initial Setup: First, assemble the electronic system complete with an LCD display and a 4 x 1 keypad. This allows the user to set the minimum and maximum temperatures for the fridge.
  • Temperature Control: The microcontroller manages the Peltier modules to maintain the internal temperature within the set limits.
  • Thermal Management: The cooling end of the Peltier is connected to the fridge’s inner metal frame, while the heating end connects to a heatsink. The heatsink and cooling fan work in tandem to dissipate heat into the environment.


  • Portability: The small size makes it ideal for travel or small spaces.
  • Efficiency: Peltier modules are energy-efficient.
  • Customizability: You can adjust the temperature range as per your needs.


The Peltier refrigerator serves as a mini electric cooler perfect for cooling cans and small food items. It combines innovation with practicality, and its DIY nature allows for personalized customization.

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