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Electric Vegetable Cutting Machine


Tired of the mundane task of chopping vegetables? Our electric vegetable cutting machine is designed to streamline your kitchen tasks. With its motorized blade, you no longer need to break a sweat for a perfectly cut vegetable.


  • Cutting Blade: The heart of the machine, designed for precision and durability.
  • Feed Pipe: Custom-fabricated narrow pipe to easily insert vegetables, directing them straight to the cutting blade.
  • Supporting Frame: Provides stability and structure to the entire assembly.
  • Collector Vessel: Transparent and circular vessel attached to collect freshly cut pieces.
  • Control Circuitry: User-friendly control system allowing for dual-speed options—low for larger pieces and high for dicing.


  • Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 12 Centimeters
  • Motor: Dual-speed motor for flexible cutting options
  • Material: High-grade stainless steel for cutting blade, food-safe plastics for the collector vessel.


  • Fast Cutting: Designed for high-efficiency vegetable cutting.
  • Dual Speed Option: Choose between low and high-speed settings depending on the size of vegetable pieces you desire.

Versatility in Use

Whether you are interested in making a finely diced salad or need large pieces for a hearty stew, this vegetable cutting machine for home use is your go-to appliance.

How It Works

Vegetables are inserted through the feed pipe which leads directly to the motorized cutting blade. Once inside, the rotating blade takes over, cutting the vegetables to your desired size. The collector vessel captures the cut pieces, making it easy for you to transfer them into your cooking pot.


With its custom-designed coupling, our vegetable cutting machine blade is perfectly synchronized with the motor, ensuring safety while delivering high performance.


No more manual chopping—our automatic vegetable-cutting machine is the kitchen upgrade you didn’t know you needed. It saves time, reduces effort, and most importantly, it makes cooking fun again!

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