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Entrepreneurship Project Business Plan- CBSE Class 12


Many people helped me through their support and guidance for the successful completion of this project.

First of all, I thank the Almighty God for his goodness and mercy in giving me the strength to complete this project.

I, at this moment, express my abundant and sincere gratitude to Mrs. SANILA MANOJ, Department of Commerce, Dr. GR PS, XTZ for her valuable guidance, constant encouragement, and creative suggestions rendered during this project.

I thank SISTER XTZ(Managing Trustee) Mrs. XYZ (Senior Principal) Mr. XYZ (Principal) for providing me with all facilities and also for the constant inspiration and encouragement for successful completion of this project.

I offer my deepest gratitude to my family members, whose prayers and blessings guided me for the successful completion of this project. I also owe my gratitude to my classmates, whose support was inevitable for the completion of the project.


A business plan is a written description of the business further. That means a document that describes what plan to do and how to do it. Business plan com perform several tasks for those who write & read them. They are used by investment seeking entrepreneurs to convey their vision to potential investors. They may also be used by firms that are trying to attract key employees, the prospect for new business deals with suppliers, or simply to understand how to manage their companies cutter.


  • To provide clarity of thought & purpose.
  • To introduce the business models.
  • To present examples, step by step explanation of the business plan.
  • To define what the business plan is and who prepares it.
  • To understand the scope and the value of the business


  • It gives direction to the vision formulated by the entrepreneurs.
  • To monitor the progress after implementing business plans.
  • To persuade others to join the business.
  • To seek loans from financial institutions.
  • To identify the actual strength and weaknesses of the plan.


“ELVAGO CANTINA” believes in its unique delivery to service as its policy is “Consumer is king’ It’s traditional, as well as members outlook gives you the feeling as if you are the members of its family.

Though we are now the love and taste in our foods will be abundant.

The location is just a half kilometer from the bus bay situated at the heart of Cobin city. It provides great facilities provided with first-class infrastructural facilities.


“ELVAGO CANTINA’ is a first-class startup company with very good infrastructure. This company believes she is securing the society by organizing social activities such as entertainment programs for the Physically Challenged or differently-abled children.

It also has the policy to donate a part of income to various and all spread old age homes around the Rochi city also.

In the present situation, ‘ELVAGO’ consists of about too many employers overall.

There are about employees and so on the executive staff members. It is situated in the less bay in Vytilla in the heart of Kochi City.


‘ELVAGO CANTINA’ is something a place where the variety of goods are sold to the customers. The statement motivates us to go to the restaurant business in India. We have suggested this because there is no branded restaurant until now. The tag line for ELVAGO CANTINA is



To become the most preferred restaurant among the people by treating the people in the way they like to be treated.


For every business, location plays a vital role. The success and the future of the company depend on that place from the selling of the product and availability of the required raw materials at least cost. The location of our restaurant is in the heart of Kochi, i.e., Vytilla.


  • To establish a working store for the restaurant.
  • To provide the true flavor of India at reasonable costs.
  • To understand the taste of the customers.
  • To balance our business goal with one financial objective.
  • To provide the best quality food to the customers.


The initial summary of management depends on the founders, and there are various another working inside the company. As we grow, we will take an additional held in certain key areas.

At present, the ELVAGO CANTINA has two founders, Head offices, Eco, Sheffs, Managers, Waiting staff, etc.


The restaurant aims to be a stone in the community creating a neighborhood atmosphere where the customers feel safe and comfortable.


We target all the age groups of people from small children to teenagers and adults to the old aged people also. Our company’s culture is to satisfy in every way all the customs stepping into ‘ELVAGO’ especially with our special mems including:

  • Muttons Biryani
  • Elvago’s Special Biriyani
  • Vegetable Biryani.
  • Egg Biryani
  • Elvago’s Special Fried Rice
  • Green Chicken Rice.
  • Pasta
  • Chicken Chops
  • Elvago’s Special Butter Chicken
  • Elvago’s Special Chicken Curry.


We are the startup company and are looking forward to earning a good share of the market. The other important things are customer satisfaction. The competitions are common in every society between Various enterprises

Our competitors are: –


Pai Brothers.



Sardarji ka Dhabha.


ELVAGO CANTINA provides great infrastructural facilities. Over 45 seats and family rooms are provided with a good air conditioning system. The infrastructure in our restaurant is very attractive. The restaurant has mainly two floors for the customers.


Area: – The piece of land which is required to organize the whole set up is about 1,600 sq. feet


  • Oven
  • Miner
  • Plates
  • Pan
  • Gas
  • Refrigerators
  • Utensils
  • Others



It is SBA’s most basic and common loan program. These loans are mostly available through various commercial institutions, and most American banks participate as lenders in this program. Lenders typically grand loans up to £ 2,00,000.


Friends and family members might be the most lenient member of the ELVAGO CANTINA launch. They don’t tend to make you pledge your house and may even agree to sell their interest in your company back to you for a nominal return.


The personnel plan is based on operating 24/7 hrs and falls in with how EAVAGO CANTINA operates throughout the week.

Any additional price will be part-time & devoted to expansion on any catering functions, as well as increased capacity of private party function.

The enterprise currently has 100 employees. There are about 100 employees & 30 executive staff.

Shift Manager26,000
Assistant Chef28,000
Waiting Staff17,000
Others15,000   each


Our strategy is based on serving our markets well. The concentration will be on providing fresh & quality good items.

A combination of local media & local store marketing programs will be utilized at each location. By providing a fun & entertaining environment with high-quality goods (foods at a reasonable rate, we will be coming shortly on top of the town.


There are many restaurants in India. What gives a competitive advantage to the product of “ELVAGO CANTINA” is that it produces good and quality food. When compared to other restaurants, what makes us special is that we have many varieties of foods. The other restaurants charge a very high price in their foods; we charge only a reasonable price.


By analyzing the product,

  • I could easily find the customer’s taste and preferences in the area.
  • It could also analyze the price of Various products.
  • By writing a business plan, it is necessary to know about the starling of a business enterprise.


A Business plan is an important document that is essential for every business firm. This is valuable not only for the entrepreneurs but also for all the stakeholders who access the firm directly or indirectly. There are various components of a business plan which is prepared to depend upon the entrepreneur’s enterprise and knowledge.


This is to certify that the project is an authentic record of the work done by ROHITH S. BOBBY, class XII.D during 2017-2018 towards the partial fulfillment of the AISSCE course prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The student has done the project with his/her effort & with the guidance of a concerned teacher.


Teacher In-charge

External Examiner


I, XYZ do at this moment declare that the project entitled “BUSINESS PLAN” is a bonafide record of the project work done by me and was under the guidance of Mrs. SANILA MANOJ, also declare this project or any part of it has not been submitted by me fully or partially for any other examination before.




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