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Fully Automatic Paper Cutting Machine Featuring Geneva Mechanism


Cutting paper with high precision and uniformity is crucial for many industries. Enter the automatic paper cutting machine, designed with the Geneva mechanism to ensure each cut is equal in length, offering an affordable yet high-quality solution.

How the Automatic Paper Cutting Machine Works

The Geneva mechanism, renowned for its precision, is the core of this innovative paper cutting machine. It uses a 12V motor to drive a system that includes a variety of mechanical parts such as sprockets, a chain, and a shaft directly linked to the motor. This shaft then operates a connecting rod, which in turn activates the scissors for the actual paper cutting.

Key Components

  • 12V DC Motor: Powers the entire system.
  • Shaft: Connects directly to the motor.
  • Geneva Wheel: Drives the paper feed into the cutting mechanism.
  • Sprockets and Chain: Facilitate the transfer of mechanical energy.
  • Roller: Assists in feeding the paper.


  • Fully Automatic Cutting: Eliminates the need for manual operation.
  • Equal Length Paper Cutting: Ensures uniformity and precision in the cuts.
  • Small & Portable: Makes it ideal for both industrial and personal use.

Block Diagram Explanation

The block diagram illustrates the symbiotic relationship between various components. The 12V DC motor connects to a shaft, which further connects to the sprocket and chain mechanism. The Geneva wheel, driven by another connecting Z-shaped rod, guarantees the feed of equal-length paper at proper intervals.


The automatic paper cutting machine designed around the Geneva mechanism is not just an innovative piece of technology but also a practical solution for industries and individuals alike. With its precision and automation, it is set to revolutionize the way we think about paper cutting.

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