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Future of Green Transportation with STM32-Controlled Ebike Speed Systems


As we step into a greener future, electric bikes (ebikes) are gaining unprecedented attention. One of the game-changers in this domain is the STM32-based speed control system. This article aims to provide an in-depth look into how STM32 controllers are advancing the ebike industry.

Key Components of STM32-Controlled Ebike Systems

To understand the intricate workings of an STM32-controlled ebike, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with its core components:

  • STM32 Controller: The brain behind the speed control system.
  • Ebike Battery: The energy reservoir.
  • Ebike Motor: The driving force.
  • Throttle: Controls the speed based on user input.
  • Speed Sensor: Measures and relays wheel RPM.
  • OLED Display: Visualizes critical data, such as speed.
  • Motor Driver: Manages power to the ebike motor.

How It Works: Throttling & Speed Display

The STM32 controller continuously scans the throttle values. This throttle consists of a Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) which works based on principles like the Hall effect or inductive sensors. As you turn the throttle, there is a change in the magnetic field, which is sensed and transformed into an electrical signal that the STM32 controller processes.

Upon receiving the throttle signal, the STM32 controller adjusts the motor voltage through the motor driver, effectively controlling the motor speed. Concurrently, the controller also keeps track of the speed sensor data to display the real-time wheel RPM on the OLED screen.

System Operation

The ebike’s operation is user-friendly. A simple flick of the main switch will either activate or deactivate the entire system, thereby making it efficient in terms of energy consumption and operational safety.


The STM32 controller-based speed control system is not just a technological milestone but also a leap towards environmental sustainability. Its intelligent design and efficient use of energy make it a significant advancement in the realm of electric bikes.

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