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Global Trends In E-commerce

Global Trends In E-commerce

E-commerce as anything that involves an online transaction. E-commerce provides multiple benefits to the consumers in the form of availability of goods at a lower cost, wider choice and saves time. The general category of e-commerce can be broken down into two parts: E-merchandise: E-finance. E-commerce involves conducting business using modern communication instruments: telephone, fax, e-payment, money transfer systems, e-data interchange, and the Internet. Online businesses like financial services, travel, entertainment, and groceries are all likely to grow. Forces influencing the distribution of global e-commerce and its forms include economic factors, political factors, cultural factors, and supranational institutions.

It has an impact over the economy of many countries among which India is on the top of that list. It was named as new gold rush in e-commerce. E-commerce has many reasons why it is very crucial in developing the country. For the study, we have taken several parts of the world such as North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle-East, Africa and South Asia, and Australia. E-commerce has an intent to bring some transformation in the society and that’s the reason it’s essential for the B2B and B2C commerce.


This study is “desk analysis” contains views of various writers and researchers of E-commerce. This study includes the global trends including India as a major source of E-commerce, increasing the use of e-commerce in developing nations, reasons behind the success of e-commerce as an industry, the use of e-commerce in global sourcing, advantages of E-commerce and several more topics being covered under the project analysis. The use of e-commerce in various countries and their influence over the people or citizens of that country is remarkable.



Title – Global Trends In E-commerce

Author – Ajay Kumar Anil

College – University Of Mumbai 

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