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High Voltage DC Generator System Based on Marx Principle


The High Voltage DC Generator system is an essential tool for conducting insulation effectiveness tests on electrical appliances. Rooted in the Marx Principle introduced by Erwin Otto Marx, this generator utilizes MOSFETs, capacitors, and diodes to efficiently generate a high DC voltage. The system is ideal for carrying out real-time tests in kV on power carriers, enhancing the safety and reliability of electrical systems.

The Marx Principle: A Brief Overview

The Marx Principle is a classic method of obtaining high voltage pulses. The principle works by charging a set of capacitors in parallel during the “ON” time and then switching them to a series connection during the “OFF” time. This ingenious setup allows the development of high voltage pulses, essential for conducting various types of electrical tests.

Key Components and Their Roles

  • Optoisolator: Ensures electrical isolation between the input and output.
  • MOSFET Switch: Used as a switching device to minimize power losses.
  • DC Power Supply: Provides the initial 12V supply for the system.
  • 555 Timer Multivibrator: Used for generating the ON and OFF time periods for charging and discharging capacitors.
  • Resistors & Capacitors: These standard components help in the regulation of voltage and current.
  • Diodes: Used for capacitor charging at each stage.

Working Mechanism

The capacitors are initially charged in parallel via diodes, utilizing a 555 timer for precise timing. MOSFET switches then realign the capacitors in series during the OFF time, thereby amplifying the voltage. The resulting high voltage can reach approximately 3.2 times the initial supply voltage, enabling the system to generate voltages in the range of 30 to 36 volts from a 12V DC supply.

Applications and Benefits

  • Electrical Insulation Testing: This high voltage DC generator system provides an effective method for assessing the insulation quality of power carriers.
  • Compact Design: The design is compact and efficient, making it convenient for lab settings.
  • Reduced Power Loss: The use of MOSFETs as switches helps to minimize power losses, making the system highly efficient.


The High Voltage DC Generator, based on the Marx Principle, is a crucial tool for electrical insulation testing. Its unique combination of MOSFETs, capacitors, and diodes makes it an efficient and reliable system for generating high voltages for a variety of applications.

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