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Home Safety with an IOT-Based LPG Gas Leakage Detector Using Arduino


Gas leaks pose a significant risk, leading to potential disasters if not detected and managed promptly. Traditional gas detectors are often limited in scope and don’t offer real-time monitoring or remote access. Our IOT-based LPG gas leakage detector using Arduino changes the game by providing a comprehensive, real-time solution for gas leak detection.

The Need for an Advanced Gas Detector

Gas leaks can lead to explosions, causing severe damage to property and life. Early detection is crucial, and that’s where our Arduino-based gas leakage detector comes in. Unlike conventional systems, this device offers real-time monitoring and can be accessed remotely via the Internet of Things (IOT).

How It Works

The system uses an MQ5 gas sensor to continuously monitor the level of LPG gas in the air. If the gas concentration is within safe limits, an RGB LED on the circuit board will glow green. If the gas levels exceed the predefined limit, the LED turns red, a solenoid valve shuts off the gas supply, and an alert is sent via IOT.

Key Features

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Continuous tracking of LPG gas levels.
  • Remote Access: Monitor the system from anywhere via IOT.
  • Automatic Shut-off: Solenoid valve turns off the gas supply if dangerous levels are detected.
  • Visual Indicators: RGB LED provides a quick visual status of gas levels.

Hardware Specifications

  • Arduino Board
  • LCD Display
  • Wi-Fi Module
  • DC Fan
  • MQ5 Gas Sensor
  • Buzzer
  • And many more…

Software Specifications

The system is programmed using the Arduino IDE, enabling easy customization and updates.


This system is ideal for residential homes, hotels, and industrial LPG storage areas, offering an extra layer of safety against gas leaks.


Our IOT-based LPG gas leakage detector using Arduino offers a robust and comprehensive solution for gas leak detection and management. With real-time monitoring and remote access, this system provides an essential safety net for both homes and industrial settings.

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