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Industrial Efficiency with Production Target Counter Sensor Systems


In any industrial setting, hitting production targets effectively is crucial for business success. The introduction of the Production Target Counter Sensor System not only revolutionizes the way managers and workers track productivity but also brings automation to a whole new level.

The Concept

The core idea behind this counter sensor with display is to offer a comprehensive solution to track and display live production status. This facilitates better planning, execution, and finally, production target achievement.


  • Real-Time Sensing: Utilizing proximity sensors, the system instantly detects finished products.
  • Live Display: Instantly display the achieved production status and pending targets.
  • Automated Tracking: Automated tracking eliminates manual errors and provides accurate counts.
  • Alerts: An integrated buzzer and congratulatory messages are displayed upon achieving the target.

Hardware Components

  • STM32 Controller: The brain behind the operation.
  • Proximity Sensor: Detects each finished product.
  • LED Display 16×32: Displays real-time production stats.
  • Keypad: Allows users to set and modify production targets.
  • Additional Components: Transformers, regulators, switches, PCB boards, and other electronic components facilitate seamless operation.

Operating Modes

  • Settings Mode: Allows the user to set production targets, which can be increased or decreased as needed.
  • Running Mode: After setting the target, the system goes live, continually monitoring the proximity sensor to update the count.

Block Diagram and Technical Implementation

The STM32 controller is connected to a proximity sensor, LED display, and other essential components. Each time a finished product triggers the proximity sensor, the STM32 updates the product count.


The Production Target Counter Sensor System is an invaluable tool for any industry aiming to optimize their production line. Its state-of-the-art features offer unparalleled benefits that make achieving production targets easier than ever.

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