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Intelligent Tourism Guide System


In an age where smartphones have become ubiquitous, why shouldn’t your travel plans also reside in your pocket? Introducing the Intelligent Tourism Guide System, designed to take the hassle out of travel. Gone are the days when you needed to carry multiple travel books, maps, and lists of recommendations. Our system uses advanced algorithms to create personalized travel paths based on your preferences, be it historical landmarks, museums, or dining options.


  • Customized Recommendations: Registered users receive tailored recommendations that suit their interests, whether you are a history buff, an art lover, or a foodie.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The system’s Graphical User Interface (GUI) is incredibly easy to navigate, ensuring that you find what you’re looking for in seconds.
  • Real-Time Navigation: Equipped with GPS functionalities, the system offers real-time directions and estimated time of arrival (ETA) to your destinations.
  • Comprehensive Information: View detailed descriptions, images, and even the entrance costs of places you wish to visit, all in one platform.
  • Multi-Modal Transport Options: Whether you prefer walking or taking the bus, the system advises the most convenient means of public transport for your journey.


  • Personalized Experience: Our intelligent algorithm ensures that each user gets recommendations based on their preferences.
  • Ease of Use: With its intuitive interface, even first-time tourists can navigate a new city like a local.
  • One-Stop Food Recommendations: To ensure you experience the local flavors, our system also includes at least one must-visit dining location in your itinerary.


  • No Tour Package Booking: As of now, the system does not offer tour package booking functionalities.
  • Data Accuracy: Users must be cautious while inputting data to avoid inaccurate recommendations.


Our Intelligent Tourism Guide System is more than just a digital map; it’s your personalized tour guide that fits right into your pocket. With its multitude of features and easy-to-use interface, exploring new places has never been this simple and enjoyable.

Sample Code

from flask import Flask, request, jsonify

app = Flask(__name__)

# Dummy data: User preferences for different types of places
user_preferences = {
    'john_doe': {'museums': 5, 'historical': 4, 'restaurants': 2},
    'jane_doe': {'museums': 1, 'historical': 5, 'restaurants': 4}

# Dummy data: Information about places
places = {
    'museums': ['Museum A', 'Museum B'],
    'historical': ['Castle A', 'Monument B'],
    'restaurants': ['Restaurant A', 'Restaurant B']

@app.route('/register', methods=['POST'])
def register():
    username = request.json.get('username')
    preferences = request.json.get('preferences')
    if username in user_preferences:
        return jsonify({'status': 'error', 'message': 'User already exists'}), 400
    user_preferences[username] = preferences
    return jsonify({'status': 'success', 'message': 'User registered successfully'}), 201

@app.route('/login', methods=['POST'])
def login():
    username = request.json.get('username')
    if username not in user_preferences:
        return jsonify({'status': 'error', 'message': 'User not found'}), 404
    return jsonify({'status': 'success', 'message': 'Login successful'}), 200

@app.route('/recommend', methods=['GET'])
def recommend():
    username = request.args.get('username')
    if username not in user_preferences:
        return jsonify({'status': 'error', 'message': 'User not found'}), 404

    preferences = user_preferences[username]
    sorted_preferences = sorted(preferences.items(), key=lambda x: x[1], reverse=True)
    recommendations = []

    for category, _ in sorted_preferences:
        recommendations.extend(places.get(category, []))

    return jsonify({'status': 'success', 'recommendations': recommendations[:5]}), 200

if __name__ == '__main__':
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