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Mattress Maintenance with Automatic Bed Mattress Deep Cleaning Machine


Cleaning a mattress is often a daunting task that many of us avoid. Traditional cleaning methods only scratch the surface, leaving behind dust, bacteria, and odors deep within the mattress layers. Introducing our Automatic Bed Mattress Deep Cleaning Machine, a game-changer in mattress hygiene that offers a comprehensive 3-stage deep cleaning process.

The Need for Deep Cleaning

Mattresses are complex structures, often up to 40 cm thick and made of multiple layers of foam and springs. Surface cleaning is not enough to eliminate the hidden impurities, molds, and odor-causing agents. Deep cleaning your mattress not only ensures a healthier sleep but also prolongs the lifespan of your investment.

Features and Advantages

Our mattress cleaning machine offers a plethora of benefits:

  • Portability: Easily move the machine to any room thanks to its 4 pivot wheels.
  • Auto Mattress Feeding: A roller mechanism feeds the mattress into the machine automatically.
  • Vacuum Suction: High-power vacuum suction removes dust and debris.
  • Steam Cleaning: Penetrates deep into the mattress, killing bacteria and molds.
  • Automatic Scrubbing: Instant stain removal and surface cleaning.
  • Essential Oils: Add your favorite essential oils for additional bacteria killing and a fresh scent.
  • Control Panel: Customize the feeding speed, steam, and vacuum processes.

How It Works

  • Vacuum Suction: As the mattress is fed into the machine, a high-power vacuum motor with small nozzles sucks in dust.
  • Steam Cleaning: A water chamber heats water to generate steam, which is then passed through nozzles to deep clean the mattress.
  • Scrubbing: A rotating scrubber brush removes surface stains.
  • Essential Oils: Add essential oils to the water chamber for added benefits.


  • Feed Motor
  • Nozzles
  • Water Tank
  • Heating Coil
  • Controller Circuitry
  • And more…


The machine has approximate dimensions of 70 x 55 x 198 cm (LxWxH).


The Automatic Bed Mattress Deep Cleaning Machine is a revolutionary product that makes mattress cleaning not just easier but also more effective. Say goodbye to manual scrubbing and hello to a cleaner, fresher mattress.

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