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Mini Mechanical Rod and Wire Cutter Machines


Are you looking for an efficient yet affordable solution for cutting rods or wires? Allow us to introduce the Mini Mechanical Rod and Wire Cutter, also known as a katar machine. This mechanical masterpiece bypasses electronic complexities to deliver clean and even cuts every time.

Working Mechanism

This mini cutter machine employs a mechanical-based mechanism that is both reliable and efficient. Unlike electronic models, this rod cutting machine operates using a circular pulley wheel and spring-loaded wire cutting blade arrangement.

The Pulley System

A DC motor drives a circular pulley wheel, which grips the wire or rod to move it forward. This pulley is uniquely slotted on one side and combined with a spring-loaded wire cutting blade.

The Cutting Process

Two additional wheels are mounted beside the primary pulley wheel. These come into play when the wire or rod reaches the top of the pulley system. At this point, the spring mechanism is compressed by the two rollers, causing the wire cutting blades to snap shut, thus cutting the wire or mini rod.

Components Breakdown

  • Circular Pulley: The main wheel for gripping wires and rods
  • Wire Cutter Blade: Spring-loaded for automatic cutting
  • Spring: For tensioning the blade
  • DC Motor: Drives the pulley system
  • Base Frame: Supports the entire structure
  • Bearings: For smooth rotation
  • Connector Shafts & Motor Shaft: For mechanical linkage
  • Supporting Frame: To hold the components in place
  • Switch: To control the operation
  • Screws & Bolts: For assembly

Versatility and Use-cases

Whether you are cutting mini wire or less OD rods, this rodding machine is engineered for a wide range of sizes and applications, making it a versatile tool for your cutting needs.


Gone are the days of laborious manual cutting. With this mini mechanical rod and wire cutter machine, you can achieve efficient, automated cutting without the hassle of electronic systems.

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