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Network Performance with Net Tracer Project


Active network monitoring is the backbone of any efficient IT system. Network administrators need sophisticated tools to ensure seamless operations. The Net Tracer project takes active network monitoring to a new level, offering deep insights into your network’s health and performance.


The main goal of the Net Tracer project is to provide Network Administrators with a comprehensive solution to identify bottlenecks, monitor resource usage, and maintain a seamless network environment. This enables real-time troubleshooting and fosters better decision-making.


  • Real-Time Data Collection: Net Tracer fetches real-time details from all attached terminals in the network.
  • Comprehensive Resource Monitoring: Easily collect processor, memory, and hard drive details from client PCs.
  • Graphical Representation: A user-friendly graphical view shows resource utilization, aiding quick analysis.
  • Automated Data Gathering: The application auto-collects information from listed PCs, storing the data into a database.
  • Scalability: Particularly useful for extensive network setups, offering high levels of customization.

Hardware and Software Requirements

  • Corporate Setup Requirements
    • Server Configuration
      • Processor: P IV 2.4GHz
      • Motherboard: D850 with inbuilt 64MB Video RAM
      • Hard Disks: 2 SCSI 80GB each
      • Memory: 256MB DDR RAM
    • Terminal Configuration
      • Processor: P III 700 MHz
      • Motherboard: 1810e with inbuilt 2MB video RAM
      • Hard Disks: 40 GB
      • Memory: 128MB DDR RAM
      • Routers: 72xx OR 3600 series
      • 100 Mbps port hub in each LAN
      • RS 232 CAT – 5
      • BNC connectors


The Net Tracer system brings a new standard to active network monitoring, helping administrators maintain optimal network conditions while proactively tackling any potential issues.

Sample Code

pip install psutil
import psutil
import json

def gather_system_info():
    info = {}
    # Fetch CPU usage
    info['cpu_percent'] = psutil.cpu_percent(interval=1)
    # Fetch memory details
    memory = psutil.virtual_memory()
    info['total_memory'] =
    info['available_memory'] = memory.available
    # Fetch Disk usage
    disk = psutil.disk_usage('/')
    info['total_disk_space'] =
    info['used_disk_space'] = disk.used
    # Fetch Network statistics
    net_info = psutil.net_io_counters()
    info['bytes_sent'] = net_info.bytes_sent
    info['bytes_received'] = net_info.bytes_recv
    return info

if __name__ == "__main__":
    system_info = gather_system_info()
    print(json.dumps(system_info, indent=4))
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