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Online Assignment Plagiarism Checker Project using Data Mining

Introduction to Online Plagiarism Detection

In the digital age, maintaining the integrity of academic work has become increasingly challenging. The Online Assignment Plagiarism Checker, utilizing advanced data mining techniques, stands as a bulwark against the rising tide of plagiarism in academic submissions. Defined as the act of presenting another’s work as one’s own, plagiarism can significantly undermine educational quality and, by extension, the economic progress of a nation.

How the Plagiarism Detector Works

This sophisticated plagiarism remover software analyzes text for paraphrased content, keyword similarities, and verbatim overlaps. By employing tools like WordNet, the system can detect synonymous phrases and sentence restructuring, identifying even the most subtly disguised acts of plagiarism.

User-Friendly Features for Students and Educators

  • Registration and Login: Users can register with basic details to create a personal account.
  • Assignment Upload and Analysis: Students can upload their assignment files, which are then analyzed for content originality, including a thorough check of reference links.
  • Grammar and Code Checking: The system not only checks for textual plagiarism but also scans for structural similarities in coding assignments.
  • Efficient String-Matching Algorithms: To enhance accuracy and reduce processing time.
  • Document History Access: Users can view the history of their previously uploaded documents.

Advantages of the Plagiarism Checker

  • High Accuracy: The system ensures accurate results based on the content provided.
  • Synonym Detection: Implements WordNet for broader plagiarism detection.
  • Speed and Efficiency: Delivers results swiftly, thanks to efficient algorithms.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy access and navigation for all users.

Limitations to Consider

  • Dependence on Internet Connectivity: An active internet connection is required.
  • Accuracy Based on Document Quality: The correctness of results is contingent on the relevance of the uploaded document.

In conclusion, this Online Assignment Plagiarism Checker is a powerful tool for educational institutions and students alike, fostering a culture of honesty and originality in academic endeavors.

Sample Code

import nltk
from nltk.corpus import stopwords
from nltk.tokenize import word_tokenize

# Download stopwords from NLTK'punkt')'stopwords')

def preprocess_text(text):
    # Tokenization and lowercasing
    tokens = word_tokenize(text.lower())
    # Removing stopwords
    filtered_tokens = [word for word in tokens if word not in stopwords.words('english')]
    return set(filtered_tokens)

def check_plagiarism(text1, text2):
    # Preprocess both texts
    set1 = preprocess_text(text1)
    set2 = preprocess_text(text2)
    # Calculate intersection and union
    intersection = set1.intersection(set2)
    union = set1.union(set2)
    # Jaccard similarity
    similarity = float(len(intersection)) / len(union)
    return similarity

# Example usage
text1 = "This is a sample text for plagiarism checking."
text2 = "This is a sample text used for checking plagiarism."

similarity_score = check_plagiarism(text1, text2)
print(f"Plagiarism Similarity Score: {similarity_score}")
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