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A Project Report On Internet Marketing

A Project Report On Internet Marketing

A unique platform that connects people worldwide and at the same time brings truckloads of information on almost anything you can imagine. Internet is the new age tool for marketers to optimize their businesses. There has been a huge growth in internet usage in the last decade. For instance, India jumped from 5 million users to 81 million users in the last 9 years. A project report on marketing products on the internet became popular because of its easy and newness.

There are various things that people can do on the internet. People can interact with each other, see videos, share stuff, news,  research, play games, shop, and a lot of other activities. Internet is a new world altogether. There are many project report on marketing are available  and they all conclude internet marketing/digital marketing is the next big thing.

Project report on internet marketing
Internet Marketing

People make sites to find their lost love and end up connecting millions (heard of Orkut?), brand owners can listen to thousands of customers from around the globe without moving from their chair (seen Twitter?), NGO’s run campaigns to motivate people to vote (Jagore.com), these are just a few examples of  internet’s  growing reality in today’s world.

The cost-effective reach and huge growth combined makes Internet marketing a great avenue for any business. The good thing about internet marketing is that it’s very dynamic. You can access everything with just a simple click sitting at your homes. It has made the whole world as one market by getting people to connect.

You can market a wide range of products on the internet right from a matchstick to an airplane (yeah they sell on eBay). Also, one key aspect people don’t know is that internet not only markets physical goods or services, it also markets content in the form of blogs, forums, eBooks, etc and many services (for both consumers and enterprises).

Project report on marketing
Internet Marketing/Digital Marketing

With the masses clinging on to the web, innovative companies have created businesses around it that were unheard of until the last decade. 97% of Google’s revenue comes from Online Advertising. Leveraging its massive reach to the internet audience,  Google serves the majority of the AD banners you see while surfing the internet.

With such a huge number of users, the internet has established a market of its own and therefore studying and understanding tools and techniques regarding internet marketing have become essential for marketers.



Title – A Project Report On Internet Marketing

Author – Piyansh Mantry

College – Usha Pravin Gandhi College Of Management 

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