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Rough Terrain 3 Wheel Electric Bike


The future of transportation is electric, and while 2-wheel electric bikes have gained popularity, there’s an emerging trend that caters to a different set of needs—3-wheel electric bikes. Designed for those who seek stability and the ability to navigate rough terrains, these bikes are a game-changer, especially in diverse landscapes like India.

The Unique Design

The 3-wheel electric bike we present is engineered with a unique front-wheel mechanism. Two front wheels are connected to a separate frame, isolating the bike’s body from the jerks and bumps of uneven terrains. This is achieved through a specialized suspension joint linkage, allowing the wheels to adjust their angles independently, thereby ensuring a smoother ride.

Power and Performance

The rear wheel is powered by a high-power motor connected through a gearbox. This allows riders to select the appropriate gear based on the terrain, ensuring optimal power and preventing stalling. Whether you’re climbing a steep slope or cruising on a flat road, the bike adapts to your needs.

Comfort and Convenience

Powered by a lithium battery and controlled by a dedicated motor controller, the bike offers an intuitive riding experience. The rear wheel is also connected to the seat through shock absorbers, minimizing the impact of rough terrains on the rider. Additional features like unique headlights and a comfortable seat enhance the overall riding experience.


  • High Power Motor: Drives the rear wheel
  • Gearbox: Allows gear selection based on terrain
  • Shock Absorbers: For a smoother ride
  • Battery: Powers the bike
  • Motor Controller: Manages motor operations
  • Headlights: For better visibility


The 3-wheel electric bike is not just an alternative but a revolutionary step in the world of e-bikes. Its unique design and features make it particularly suitable for the varied terrains found in India, offering a blend of power, stability, and comfort.

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