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School Timetables with Smart Digital School Bells


The traditional school bell, a staple in educational institutions for decades, is finally getting a much-needed upgrade. Enter the Smart Digital School Bell—a revolutionary system that not only rings to signal the end of a period but also displays the day’s timetable, among other advanced features.

Key Features

The Smart Digital School Bell offers a plethora of functionalities that go beyond the simple ringing of a bell:

  • Timetable Storage: The system can store the entire day’s timetable, including the start and end times for each period.
  • Buzzer Alerts: A buzzer sounds at the end of each period, ensuring that no one misses the transition between classes.
  • Dynamic Display: The LED display, measuring 16 x 32 inches, shows the name of the current and upcoming periods, keeping both students and teachers informed.
  • Reprogrammable: The system can be easily reprogrammed at any time, offering flexibility for special events or changes in the regular schedule.

Technical Components

The Smart Digital School Bell is built around an STM32 controller and includes the following components:

  • Bluetooth Module for wireless connectivity
  • LED Display for timetable and period names
  • School Bell Buzzer for audio alerts
  • Transformer and Regulator Circuitry for stable power supply
  • Basic Electronic Components like switches, LEDs, resistors, capacitors, and transistors
  • PCB Board for circuit assembly
  • Cables and Connectors for inter-component communication

User Interaction

The system operates in two modes: Settings Mode and Running Mode.

  • Settings Mode: In this mode, users can connect an Android device to the system via Bluetooth. An app allows for easy programming of the day’s timetable into the system.
  • Running Mode: Once programmed, the system operates autonomously, displaying the current period and sounding the buzzer as per the stored timetable.


The Smart Digital School Bell is a groundbreaking solution that brings the traditional school bell into the 21st century. With its advanced features and easy-to-use interface, it’s an invaluable asset for any modern educational institution.

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