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Single Motor Mechanism for Coordinated Double Door Operations Project


Door automation has become a crucial part of modern infrastructure, especially in large buildings such as malls, event halls, and commercial spaces. While automating single doors is straightforward, double doors present unique challenges. The most significant hurdles are coordinating the simultaneous opening of both doors and the added expense of using two motors. Our innovative solution? A single motor double door opener mechanism that addresses both issues with remarkable efficiency.

The Problem Statement

Traditionally, automating double doors meant using two separate motors for each door, which led to two main challenges:

  • Coordinating the opening and closing of both doors.
  • Increased costs due to the need for two motors.

The Ingenious Solution: Single Motor Double Door Mechanism

Our single motor mechanism integrates with a specialized shaft design, featuring linkage mechanisms that control both doors. This elegant engineering solution not only reduces the number of motors needed but also ensures that both doors operate in a perfectly synchronized manner.

How It Works

The geared motor’s shaft rod is connected to two different linkage rods at a perpendicular angle. These linkage rods are then connected to the double doors using rotating L angles. When the motor shaft rotates, it drives the two connected linkage rods, which, in turn, open or close both doors simultaneously and at the same speed. By merely reversing the motor’s rotation, the doors can be closed with the same level of coordination.


  • Cost-Efficiency: The use of a single motor reduces overall costs.
  • Perfect Coordination: Both doors open and close simultaneously, maintaining uniform speed and alignment.
  • Simplified Construction: Fewer components mean easier assembly and maintenance.

Components Used

  • Geared Motor
  • Shaft Rod
  • Motor Mount
  • Connecting Rods
  • L Angles
  • Mounts and Joints
  • Supporting Frame
  • Screws and Bolts


Our single motor double door mechanism solves the traditional challenges in automating double doors by being both cost-efficient and remarkably coordinated. This innovative motor mechanism sets a new benchmark for door automation, demonstrating what is possible with thoughtful engineering.

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