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Smartphone Stand for Video Calling and Recording


The work-from-home era has surged the demand for efficient video communication solutions. Whether it’s video calling with colleagues or creating content for online platforms, the need for a versatile smartphone video stand is more critical than ever. Our cutting-edge video calling and recording stand aims to provide a complete solution for all your smartphone video needs.

The Problem: Video Calling and Recording Woes

Typical issues that plague smartphone users during video calling or recording sessions include:

  • Phone Alignment: Achieving the right angle without awkwardly holding the phone or placing it in a less than ideal position.
  • Lighting Issues: Insufficient or uneven lighting that casts shadows on your face.
  • Charging Constraints: Battery drainage during long video calls or recording sessions, hindered by short charging cables.

The Solution: Feature-packed Smartphone Video Stand

Our innovative smartphone stand comes with the following advantages:

  • Phone Height Adjustment: Extendable up to 35 centimeters for a better viewing angle.
  • Alignment Flexibility: Tilt and swivel adjustments to capture the perfect frame.
  • Universal Compatibility: Designed to hold all types of smartphones securely.
  • LED Lighting: An integrated LED panel for adjustable, flattering face lighting.
  • USB Charging Port: Keep your phone charged during extended usage.
  • LED Dimming: Adjust the light’s brightness with a variable resistor.

Detailed Components

The stand is constructed with a robust round base and steel rod, supporting an adjustable smartphone holder and a dimmable LED panel. Other features include:

  • Power port with long-wired DC adapter
  • Voltage conversion for powering LED and USB port
  • Indicator LEDs, Buttons & Switches
  • Heatsinks, Resistors, and more for electrical safety

How It Works

Simply plug in the DC adapter to power the stand. Adjust the height and alignment of your phone, turn on the LED light, and plug your phone into the USB port for uninterrupted video calling or recording. You can also dim the LED light using the bottom-mounted variable resistor.


Our multi-functional smartphone stand revolutionizes the way you engage in video calling and recording by solving all the associated challenges. With features like height adjustment, variable lighting, and a built-in charging port, this stand ensures that nothing interrupts your video experience.

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