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Solar Power Bank with Wireless Charging System


Power banks have become indispensable in our digital age, yet their limitations are evident when you’re on the go. Introducing our game-changing solar power bank with wireless charging—your ultimate answer to portable power needs.

Features That Set Us Apart

Our solar-powered power bank boasts an array of unique features:

  • Easy Wireless Charging: Simply place your compatible phone on the bank and let it charge.
  • Solar Self-Charging: Exposed to daylight, the device refuels itself, ensuring you’re never out of power.
  • Foldable Design: Engineered for maximum portability.
  • Massive 20,000mAh Battery: Power that lasts.
  • Added USB Type Charging: Not just wireless; it serves your traditional charging needs too.

Technical Specifications


  • Solar Panels: Harness solar energy
  • Charge Controller: Manages power distribution
  • Charging Coil: For wireless charging
  • Battery Panel: Holds the 20,000mAh battery
  • LED: Indicates battery status
  • Voltage Booster IC: Enhances charging efficiency
  • Charging Circuitry: Manages charging cycles
  • Buttons & Switches: User interfaces
  • Electrical & Wirings: For internal connections
  • PCB Board: Holds the components
  • Coil Mounting: Secures the wireless charging coil
  • Connectors, Screws and Fittings: For assembly

How It Works

Our solar power bank integrates a lithium battery pack, solar panels, and wireless charging coils, harmonized by DC power boosters and charge controllers. This makes for a multi-functional, unique power bank. With solar panels and charge controllers, the device self-charges in daylight, while the built-in wireless charging technology makes for a clutter-free experience.


  • Solar Mobile Power Bank: Energy anywhere, anytime
  • Wireless Solar Mobile Charger: Cut the cords
  • Mini Solar Panel Mobile Charger: Compact and portable
  • Best Wireless Power Bank: Efficient and reliable

Price and Availability

For details on the solar power bank price and availability, please visit our power bank app details section.


Our solar power bank with wireless charging is the tech-savvy, eco-friendly solution to your charging needs. With features such as solar self-charging and wireless charging, it stands as the epitome of convenience and efficiency.

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