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Sugarcane Farming with Fully-Automatic Bud Cutter Machines for Variable Cutting Sizes


Sugarcane farming is an essential industry that has traditionally relied on manual or semi-automatic methods for bud cutting. Enter the fully-automatic sugarcane bud cutter machine—a revolutionary piece of technology that promises to save time, labor, and money for sugarcane farmers worldwide.

Why Choose Automatic Sugarcane Bud Cutter?

Manual and semi-automatic methods often involve significant labor costs and time. Our fully-automatic sugarcane bud cutter eliminates these issues by utilizing pneumatic power for a seamless and efficient cutting mechanism.

How Does it Work?

The sugarcane bud is placed into a mini tabletop machine equipped with a high-torque motor, which propels the cane through rubber gripper rollers. These rollers are powered by a geared motor that moves the stick towards the cutter at a specific rate. A second roller is integrated into the system to provide additional grip and force.

Pneumatic System

A pneumatic cylinder powered by an external compressor propels a cutter blade back and forth using high air pressure. This blade works in tandem with the feeder rollers to cut the sugarcane bud into uniform pieces.

Cutting Length Control

One of the standout features of this bud cutter is the controller circuitry that lets you set the cutting length for each piece. This ensures that you get sugarcane pieces cut to your desired size every single time.


  • Pneumatic Cylinder
  • Pneumatic Piping
  • Pipe Joints and Fittings
  • Valves
  • Cutter Blade
  • High-Torque Motor
  • Rubber Rollers
  • Bearings
  • And much more…

Price and Availability

With the advanced features and components, one might expect the sugar cutting machine price to be steep. However, we are committed to providing affordable and efficient solutions for all sizes of sugarcane farming operations.

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