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The Advanced Car Speed Checker with LCD Display


Road safety is a pressing concern that impacts communities across the world. Traditional methods for monitoring car speed often lack efficiency and immediacy. Our advanced Car Speed Checker with LCD Display aims to revolutionize how we perform a vehicle speed test and enforce speed limits.

How It Works: Beyond the Traditional Radar Gun

Unlike the conventional radar gun method which involves time-consuming processes, our system utilizes Infrared (IR) technology to accurately check the speed of vehicles. IR transmitters and receivers are positioned at set points on the road, functioning as an automated road speed checker.

Calculation and Display: Live and Accurate

As a vehicle crosses these set points, the control unit calculates the time taken for the journey between them. The calculated speed is then displayed on a seven-segment LCD display. This allows for a live vehicle speed test that is both quick and accurate.

Alert Mechanism: Safety First

If a vehicle exceeds the set speed limit, the system activates a buzzer that alerts the road transport authority immediately. This immediate alert mechanism ensures quick action against speed violations, thus increasing road safety.

Technical Specifications

Our system leverages advanced technology components:

  • 8051 Microcontroller
  • Crystal Oscillator
  • Resistors, Capacitors, Transistors
  • PCB and Breadboards
  • Software: Keil µVision IDE, Embedded C Programming Language


The Car Speed Checker with LCD Display is a leap forward in road safety technology. By enabling a quick and accurate vehicle speed check, the system aids traffic authorities in enforcing speed limits more effectively, thus ensuring safer roads for all.

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