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The Stratified Charged Engine Seminar

Introduction to Stratified Charged Engines

A stratified charged engine is a type of internal combustion engine that innovatively uses a non-uniform air-fuel mixture within the cylinder. The engine is designed to operate with varying layers of fuel and air mixture, enhancing efficiency and reducing emissions.

Concept and Functionality

In a stratified charged engine, the fuel charge comprises two distinct layers. Near the spark plug, a rich mixture is provided through a secondary inlet valve, while the main part of the cylinder receives a leaner mixture via the primary inlet valve. This setup allows for stable running, complete combustion, and significantly lower exhaust gas emissions.

Advantages of Stratified Charge Engines

Stratified charge engines offer several benefits over traditional engines:

  • Reduced CO2 Emissions: These engines can cut down CO2 emissions by up to 19%, primarily by operating with a leaner mixture and more efficient fuel consumption.
  • Enhanced Thermal Efficiency: The stratified charge method enables engines to run more efficiently, particularly at low loads, leading to fuel savings of up to 40%.
  • Minimized Heat Loss and Emissions: The design ensures that the fuel and flame are kept away from the cylinder walls, resulting in lower heat loss and emissions.

Technical Insights

  • Fuel Injection and Combustion: The engine employs direct fuel injection, similar to diesel engines, but uses gasoline. It combines high compression ratios with gasoline’s quick-mixing properties, avoiding the poor combustion issues seen in diesel engines.
  • Design and Components: Developed initially by Honda, these engines utilize conventional components but incorporate modifications like a toroidal piston cavity to create a swirling motion, aiding in efficient fuel mixture and stratification.
  • Operating Modes: The engine can function in different modes, including a lean mode for low engine load and a normal mode for higher power requirements.

Environmental Impact and Efficiency

Stratified charged engines represent a significant step towards greener automotive technology. By decreasing fuel consumption and effectively reducing harmful emissions, these engines contribute to a more sustainable future in transportation.


The stratified charged engine stands as a milestone in automotive engineering, offering a blend of efficiency, performance, and environmental friendliness. Its innovative approach to fuel combustion paves the way for more sustainable internal combustion engine technology.

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