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Wind & Solar Powered Mobile and Laptop Charging Stations


The need to charge our laptops and mobile phones on-the-go has never been more pressing. Whether you’re at a park, historical monument, or even a college campus, the availability of charging stations is often scarce. Our revolutionary Wind & Solar Powered Mobile and Laptop Charging Station offers a solution that’s not only convenient but also eco-friendly.

Unique Features: More Than Just a Charging Station

Our charging station brings multiple unique features to the table:

  • Dual Power Generation: Utilizes both solar and wind energy.
  • Device Selection and Timing: Choose the type of device and set the charging duration.
  • Automatic Charge Cutoff: Auto-disconnects upon charging completion.
  • Security Measures: Equipped with an anti-theft buzzer alarm.

Technical Aspects: Under the Hood

The unit comprises two main energy generators: an 80-Watt solar panel and a 30-Watt windmill. Energy generated is stored in a battery, which is then inverted to 230V AC for laptop charging or scaled down to 5V DC for mobile charging via USB ports.

Portability and Security: Move with Ease, Rest with Peace

Designed for easy mobility, the charging station is fitted with wheels and an anti-theft feature. Impact sensors detect unauthorized movement or tampering, sounding an alarm to alert nearby individuals and authorities.

Where to Use: Versatility Redefined

This solar mobile charger project is ideal for various outdoor locations, including but not limited to bus stops, gardens, college campuses, corporate parks, and more.


The charging station is an engineering marvel made up of:

  • Solar Panels
  • Windmill
  • Inverter
  • Charge Controlling Circuitry
  • USB Ports and AC Plugs
  • And many more…


This innovative mobile charging point, complete with a portable solar mobile charger and windmill, is the future of outdoor charging. It offers a sustainable yet efficient way to keep your devices powered, even when you’re far from a conventional power source.

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