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Women’s Safety with GPS-Enabled Device and Real-Time Alerts


Women’s safety is a pressing concern, especially in the wake of increasing incidents of harassment and violence against women. Traditional safety measures often fall short, which is why we have developed a GPS-based women’s safety device with dual security features.

The Problem with Conventional Safety Measures

Many existing safety gadgets for women rely on the user to trigger an alert manually. However, in situations where a woman is incapacitated or caught off guard, she may not have the opportunity to activate the device, rendering it ineffective.

How Our Device Works

Our innovative women’s safety device is designed to be activated in advance when a woman feels she might be entering an unsafe environment. The device is authenticated through fingerprint recognition, ensuring that only the authorized user can activate it. Once activated, the device requires the user to scan her fingerprint every minute. If the device does not detect a scan within this time frame, it automatically triggers its dual security features: sending an SMS with the user’s location to authorized contacts and sounding a loud buzzer to alert nearby individuals.

Key Features

  • GPS Tracking: Real-time location tracking through a Neo6mv2 GPS Module.
  • Dual Alerts: Automated SMS alerts and buzzer alarms.
  • Fingerprint Authentication: Ensures that only the authorized user can activate the device.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Equipped with an LCD display for easy operation.

Hardware and Software Specifications

  • Hardware: Arduino Uno, SIM 800 GSM Module, Neo6mv2 GPS Module, Fingerprint Sensor, and more.
  • Software: Programmed using Arduino Compiler and C language, allowing for easy updates and customization.


This device is not just a women’s safety gadget; it can also be used as a human tracking device, making it useful for children and the elderly. It’s an essential addition to your safety kit for women, and it’s one of the must-have women’s safety products available in the market today.


Our GPS-enabled women’s safety device offers a robust solution for real-time tracking and alerts, providing an extra layer of security for women. With its dual alert system, it ensures that help is always just a moment away, making it a vital tool in the fight against harassment and violence targeted at women.

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