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A Project Report On comparison Between Big Bazar & D-mart


As customers’ tastes and preferences change, the market scenario is also changing occasionally. Today’s market scenario is very different from that of the market scenario before 1990. There have been many factors responsible for the changing market scenario. It is the changing tastes and preference of customer which has bought in a change in the market. The income level of the people has changed; lifestyles and social classes of people have completely changed now than in the olden days. There has been a shift in the market demand in today’s world. Technology is one of the major factors which are responsible for this paradigm shift in the market. New-generation people are no more dependent on that market and far-off departmental stores. Today we can see a more unique in market with the opening up of many departmental stores, hypermarkets, shopper’s stops, malls, branded retail outlets and specialty stores. In today’s world shopping is no any more tiresome work instead it’s a pleasant outing phenomenon now. My study is based on a survey done on customers of a hypermarket named big bazaar &Dmart. It is a type of market where various kinds of products are available under one roof.

History Of Big Bazar

Big Bazaar was launched in September 2001 with the opening of its first four Stores in Calcutta, Indore, Bangalore and Hyderabad in 22 days. Within a span of ten years, there are now 161 Big Bazaar stores. By September 2012 BIG BAZAAR will have two more stores in the Northeast namely SILCHAR and JORHAT in Assam. Big Bazaar was started by KishoreBiyani, the Group CEO and Managing Director of Pantaloon Retail India. Though Big Bazaar was launched purely as a fashion Format including apparel, cosmetics, accessory and general merchandise, over the years Big Bazaar has included a wide range of products and service offerings under their retail chain. The current format includes Big Bazaar, Food Bazaar, Electronic Bazaar and Furniture Bazaar. The inspiration behind this entire retail format was From Saravana Stores, a local store in T. Nagar, Chennai.

History Of D-mart

Situated at Koparkhairane for the last seven years. Avenue Super Marts Ltd. Avenue Super Marts Ltd (ASL) owns and operates hypermarkets and supermarkets by the store name D-Mart. D-Mart hoardings can be found on the lamp-posts on major roads in the Navi Mumbai area. D-MART usually advertises in major newspapers giving information about their latest offers, Promotion and sales offers were present for most of the items. The product mix is good & a lot of variety is available. The assortments for apparel are done as per the price and size. The D-Mart offer price and the Max. Retail Prices both were visible on the price card, During the festival season, the festival items are kept in the main area. A wide variety of festivals and decorative items for the Ganpati and Navratri festivals are kept along the main passage. The inspiration behind this entire retail format was from a local store in the UK.

Research Objective

To scan customer buying behavior. To know the promotional strategy of Big Bazaar. To know the relation between promotional strategy and buying decision. To comprehend the determinants of customer satisfaction.


Title – A Project Report On comparison Between Big Bazar & D-mart

Author – Navaid Akbar khan

College -Mumbai University 

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