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A Project Report On The Jain Masala


Spices play an important role in enhancing the flavour and taste of processed foods. They are also used in medicines because of their carminative, stimulative and digestive properties. India produces almost all the known spices and is the largest exporter of this commodity. Ground spices are extensively used in all types of curried dishes in India and abroad.

Although spices are traded chiefly in an unprocessed form, a small yet significant quantity enters international trade as spice powders. Curry powder is the foremost of those blends or mixes and sometimes consists of 20 or more spices designed to add the characteristic flavour of an Indian curry, which is appreciated all over the world. Apart from the overseas market, processed curry powder is becoming popular in the domestic market also.

Market Potential

India is one of the leading exporters of spices. The export earnings from spices can be increased quite considerably if the export of spices is encouraged in processed form, which will bring more value in addition to the unit price of whole spices. Further, as it is a mass-consumption item mostly used in culinary preparations or seasoning of food products, its domestic demand is increasing quite steadily due to improvements in purchasing power of people.

Basis And Presumptions

  • The scheme is based on single shift per day 300 working days per annum.
  • The rate of interest on total capital investment is taken as 14%.
  • The break-even point has been calculated on full capacity utilization basis.
  • The unit is located in a rented premises.
  • For this industry, working capital has been considered for one month.
  • The cost of machinery and equipments indicated refers to a particular brand and the prices are approximately those ruling at the time of the preparation of this project profile.
  • The provision made in the other respects viz; raw materials, personnel, utilities and other expenses are on the basis of the standard operations and average output and costs indicated against each are approximate based on the local market conditions and observations.

Title – A project report on the final jain masala

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