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An Analytical Study Of The Recruitment Process Adopted By HR Remedy India

An Analytical Study Of The Recruitment Process Adopted By Hr Remedy India

Personnel management has been a crucial task in almost all the organizations, irrespective of nature, size and other aspects. Planning for this manpower is an important (crucial) aspect for the long-run organizational success. Some of the various goals of Personnel Management Department in a firm are planning of manpower, recruiting and selecting the right people for the firm, training them to perform effectively, development of their skills and capabilities, planning the career for employees, promoting, transferring and demoting them, managing the risk factors, appraising the performance of and so on. Every objective has to be given special attention. It also needs a well-planned approach and a proper implementation of the decided plan.

It is a crucial task for every firm to have the right person to handle the right job and Recruitment and Selection process satisfies this need. But the process has to be strategic as a shortage in the skills, capabilities and the increasing use of new and modern technology are forcing to concentrate the employers on how they are carrying out the recruiting, selecting and staffing functions of their employees.

Keeping all these aspects in mind, this project has been prepared to throw light on the process of recruitment at HR Remedy India.

The internship in the firm included the following aspects:

  1. Tele-counselling for the Advance Corporate Practical Training program provided by the firm for candidates seeking to have a successful career in
  2. Attracting maximum candidates for the training and development programme and getting their admissions
  3. Studying the internal recruitment process of the firm in
  4. Calling candidates through job portals and telling them about the job
  5. Lining up interviews for a job
  6. Handling different job
  7. Job posting and advertisement posting on job portals and other
  8. Observing interviews conducted by the HR
  9. Studying the overall working culture of the



Title – An Analytical Study Of The Recruitment Process Adopted By HR Remedy India

Author – Snehal Shrikant Shinde

College – Rajarambapu Institute of Technology, Rajaramnagar 

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