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Recruitment And Selection At Suzlon Energy Ltd

Recruitment And Selection At Suzlon Energy Ltd

It’s a pleasure to do a project in a company like Suzlon Energy Ltd, which is a market leader in windmill sector. Its an honor given by the company to us to work for two months on a new International environmental concept of carbon trading i.e. Clean Development Mechanisms.

The ultimate goal behind undertaking this project work was to know and make aware to Public about global warming and their effect to biosphere and contribution of wind (Nonconventional) energy to protect the global environment from greenhouse gas with its consequences.

Suzlon Energy Ltd is one of India s leading wind power generators having its branches in

USA, GERMANY, AUSTRALIA DENMARK, NETHERLAND and CHINA. Suzlon has been committed to a clean and green environment. Suzlon specializes in providing total solutions in Wind Power generation with cohesive integration of consultancy, design, manufacturing, installation, finance, operation and maintenance services. The start of this millennium saw Suzlon capture the largest market share in Asia and feature amongst the top five in the world. Suzlon has developed some of the largest wind parks of over 338 MW in Dhule, 163.75 MW in Sangli. Senergy global a sister concern of Suzlon energy is implementing the CDM projects in India. The targeted customers are Suzlon windmill owners, as windmill projects are eligible for CDM benefits. Senergy global is assisting Consumers to avail CDM benefits. It helps them to get registered from UNFCCC and to get them optimum possible benefits. This comes as value added service since Suzlon is concerned about its customer long term benefits & customer retention policy. Through this project, one can get an insight into carbon trading which is fast evolving, as a weapon to counteract increasing greenhouse gas emission thus saving our environment.T he main job is to educate the consumer about CDM benefits and convey the schemes of Senergy global and help them to register for

CDM benefits. Many options under CDM could create significant co-benefits in developing countries, addressing local and regional environmental problems and advancing social goals. For developing countries that might otherwise give priority to immediate economic and environmental needs, the prospect of significant ancillary benefit should provide a strong inducement to participate in CDM. As in the present scenario Government is promoting Green Power Projects as an alternative option for conventional energy projects hence there is wide potential in green power projects. At the same time all the wind power plants are eligible to get the CDM benefits hence it is also a promising field of extra revenue for clients and also a great carrier opportunity in the marketing field. After the small and mid-sized companies, big players like Reliance, Airtel, Birlas are next to explore options of cashing in on efficient production technologies to boost the profitability, as polluting foreign companies rush to meet international deadlines starting next year. India is the largest producer of carbon credits.

Senergy Global is a reliable player in this field and is providing their clients not only consultancy but also it helps their clients in the actual sale of the CER s in the market as it has a wide range of the products and also expertise in this sector. This gave me a great opportunity to get into this field and an option for promising future carrier. I have opted this as my summer project as I was going to get the opportunity to work right from giving a presentation to a client, follow up and finally executing the agreement. Our field of operation was mostly in

1) Pune

2) Mumbai

3) Kolhapur

4) Ichalkaranji

5) Sangli

6) Hubli.

As a major client base of Suzlon is located in the Western region and our target customers were the existing customers of SUZLON.

During the course project, I came across 50 clients out of which I made 22 agreements for Senergy Global and some are on hold waiting for the client feedback. The major finding of our project was that there is great potential in CDM and on the other hand, there is less awareness about the CDM concept.




Title – Recruitment And Selection At Suzlon Energy Ltd

Author – Ram Prasad Dafadar

College – Phonics Group of Institutions, Roorkee 

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