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Customer Satisfaction Towards Reliance Jio

Customer Satisfaction Towards Reliance Jio

This Summer Training project report is based on the telecom sector as the telecom sector is growing at a very good pace. This project titled on “Customer Satisfaction Towards Reliance JIO” is being conducted to identify factors and provide revolutionary 4G LTE coverage and high-speed Wi-Fi services of  Reliance JIO at all parts of Muradnagar city.

RJIL (Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd.) has successfully demonstrated legal interception and monitoring rules compliance of its 4G network for high-speed wireless internet, phone calls, video and messaging service across the country.

To identify all the below buildings in work scope area and establish contacts with the building owner/association and explain to them the benefits of high-speed internet and 4G connectivity.

  • All G+5 (ground floor +five floors) and above buildings
  • Shopping malls
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Colleges

To capture all the details of the building. The variables are involved in this project

  1. Area
  2. Address
  3. Building Name
  4. Number of Floors
  5. Type (commercial, residential, both, Hotel, Hospital)
  6. Latitude &Longitude {By using Smartphone app}
  7. Number of Home passes

After the globalization of India economy in   1991, the telecommunication sector remained one of the most happening sectors in India.  The recent years’ witnesses rapid and dramatic changes in the field of telecommunications. In the last few years more and more companies both foreign,  domestic, come into cellular service, service market and offers a large number of services to the people.

A consumer may be referred to anyone engaged in evaluating, acquiring, using or disposing of services which he expects will satisfy his wants. If any producer makes out the marketing programmer ignoring the consumer preferences, he cannot possibly achieve his ultimate objectives. A manufacturer must plan his production and distribution to suit the consumer’s convenience rather than his own. Therefore a marketer must know more and more about the consumers so that the products can be produced in such a fashion to give satisfaction to them.

In the year of 1989, the number of cell phone users in India was zero.  In the year of 1999, the number of cell phone users has gone up by 13 lakh.  In the year 2000, the number of cell phone users has risen by one million.  Indian telecom sector added a staggering  227.27 million wireless mobile users in the 12 months between March 2010  and  March 2011, while the overall teledensity has increased to 81.82% as of 30 November 2015, and the total numbers of telephone phone users (mobile & landline) have reached 1009.46 million as of May 2015. Now currently telephone subscriber (mobile & landline) is 1058.01 million (May 2016).

The company is reconfiguring to meet the growing demand for mobile services. It will differentiate our mobile services from our competitors through ongoing investment in technology, distribution and customer services, providing both great customer experience and competitive value.

The company is updating our retail footprint to a new Reliance JIO concept delivering differentiated customer experience. A core part of our promise to customers is to ensure that their technical expert’s in-store transfer their personal data to their new LYF phone allowing them to walk out of the store with their phone fully functional.  Extensive trials of our new concept store across all markets have shown significant increases in both sales and customer satisfaction. The new concept will be rolled out globally over the next upcoming years.



Title – Customer Satisfaction Towards Reliance Jio

Author – Rajan Darlami

College – Institute Of Management & Research 

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