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Informative Report Of Education Loans Given By Banks


Quality education is a must for a whole and productive life. For many, it’s corresponding to graduating from a prime establishment. The value of education is, however, increasing quickly. The value of studying at acknowledged establishments is already quite high. Today we will talk about education loans given by banks

Keeping this in mind, parents, who need to provide their youngsters with the most effective attainable education, invest their cash in mutual funds (MFs), fixed deposits (FDs), unit-linked insurance plans (ULIPs), etc., for the future.

But despite all this, one should still encounter a shortage of funds. An education loan, therefore, plays a significant role in such a situation by serving to bridge the gap between the shortage and the needed amount.


The aim of this project is simple. The aim is to attain an informative report on an education loan provided by banks.


The objectives of this project are:

  • To understand the basic concept of education loan
  • To acknowledge the requirements of education loan
  • To understand the importance of education loans in today’s world.
  • To perceive the knowledge about the working of education loan
  • To know which is the bank’s best-offering education loan currently.
  • To clear any myth about education loans.


The information about education loans is found with the help of the internet. A survey of various banks offering various deals on education is done with the help of the internet. The method used to make this project is a Report method.

An informative report of education loan includes certain points like;

  • What is an education loan?
  • The importance of education loan
  • What are the requirements for an education loan?
  • How does education loan benefit a child’s future?
  • The best education loan offered by banks is?
  • Lastly, the myths of education loan.


The best source of information on this project is the banks and the internet.

  • What is an education loan?

An education loan is cash borrowed to finance education or faculty related expenses. Payments are typically delayed, whereas in class and for a six-month grace amount after graduation.

Education loans are loans issued for the aim of attending an educational university and following an educational degree. Education loans are often obtained from the govt. Or through private sector loaning sources. Federal loans typically provide lower interest rates. Some additionally provide subsidized interest. Private sector loans usually follow a lot of a standard loaning method for application with rates usually above federal government loans.

It may differ from alternative varieties of loans within the proven fact that the rate of interest could also be considerably lower. Therefore, the reimbursement schedule is also postponed, whereas the student continues to be in class. It conjointly differs in several countries within the regulation of the strict law renegotiating and bankruptcy.

Citizens in the Republic of India show that the Indian Nation Loan Scholarship scheme that operated from 1963 would build the extra waste on expenditure for the explanation of ‘limiting,’ which suggests solely the people that need to borrow, would apply the student loan for the long run education. As a result of this, most Indian students would be a lot of care to settle on their jobs to pay back the balance due.

  • The importance of education loan

Education is the most significant factor in the world, and each citizen must realize it. The education system shouldn’t discriminate between wealthy and poor, and it ought to be open for all. However, still, there are bound universities and courses in India that are expensive and maybe afforded by wealthy folks. Therefore to bring down this theory, government and banks provide education loan to people that cannot afford education. It’s an excellent initiative as all individuals, regardless of their monetary standing, can do education and degrees within the fields and subjects they’re curious about.

Education loan is changing into day by day standard as a result of rising fee structure of upper education. This started in 1995 in India when most of the banks began to provide education loans. Education loan aims to produce want primarily based finance to merit able students. However, students ought to perceive that an academic loan is like any alternative credit or loan. Therefore the scholar ought to be ready by doing their preparation on the way to repay the credit through earnings from jobs.

As we tend to see the full situation in the Republic of India, the question of giving academic loans never raises issues however to take crucial steps like reducing the interest rates, increase the moratorium amount, creating the reimbursement of student loans straightforward, assure job prospects with progression and extended terms to be taken in high priority. Within the current scenario, several students and their folks are reeling below the pressure of terribly high-interest rates, tight term periods for reimbursement, and practically no jobs when completion of studies. We should not forget that India is a youth primarily based country where kids make most of its manpower. The prime part of the careers of the many students endures such a scenario, and lots of students finally end up in career choice outside their field of interest simply to satisfy the loan giants. These can affect the development of the country massively. The government ought to try and realize solutions to those issues.

  • What are the requirements for education Loan?

Education Loans Given By Banks, Informative Report Of Education Loans Given By Banks, HSC Projects, HSC Projects

  • Co-applicant is a must; are often parents, spouse, siblings
  • For loans between Rs 4-7.5 lakh, the third-party warrantor is needed
  • For loans higher than Rs 7.5 lakh loaner can elicit collateral
  • Repayment starts six months to at least one year once the completion of the course
  • Default in payment can affect the credit history of student and co applier
  • If a student goes abroad, an investor can endure co-applicant, that is, parents
  • For abroad studies, loan alone won’t suffice; explore for part-time job or support
  • Insurance is obligatory for foreign courses
  • How does education loan benefit a child’s future?

Education Loans Given By Banks, Informative Report Of Education Loans Given By Banks, HSC Projects, HSC Projects


Student loans reassure the scholars that they have a crucial role to play in their education and at the constant time, don’t undermine the importance of the support that they receive from their folks, creating them accountable adults taking care of their education prices.

Parents are reclaimed from the continual burden of finance their son or female offspring through upscale teaching. It’s particularly helpful for parents who are unable to afford costly teaching.

An education loan conjointly helps to save lots of tax. The interest paid on the education loan is claimed as a deduction as per section eighty E of the Taxation Act, 1961. However, the taxable profit will solely be claimed on interest a part of the loan; the principal half doesn’t qualify for it.

Student loans facilitate in building an honest credit score for a student enhancing his/her trustworthiness and rising relations with a bank that makes it easier to avail of future loans from the bank.

Education loans have easier terms and conditions and supply moneymaking interest rates. They conjointly offer a very versatile compensation schedule.

  • Best education loan offered by banks?

Several banks give low-interest rates and engaging schemes on academic loans.

Public sector banks – Punjab national bank, SBI, Bank of Baroda, etc.

Private sector Banks – Axis, ICICI, etc.

Non-banking money company (NBFC) – Avanse, Credila, etc.

If you’re searching for an academic loan to review abroad, you’ll have a glance at SBI international Ed-Vantage theme. A number of its options are:

  • Interest rate – 9.5%-10% solely
  • Low process fee- INR 10,000/- only

The entire loan method application takes place online with the utmost three bank visits and title to up to INR 10,000/- cash back if you apply online.

SBI accepts third-party collateral, which suggests if you don’t have direct collateral, somebody except for you or your kin will pledge collateral. The moratorium amount is the course period and a further six months. No penalty for early reimbursement, and you’ll repay the loan till fifteen years. The margin is barely 100 pc, which suggests ninetieth of the expenses are eligible for finance. The expenses embody nearly everything like admission, tuition, living expenses, etc.

  • Lastly, the myths of education loan?

  • The most believed myths about education loans are:
  • Getting admission in an exceedingly sensible university means that an education loan at a low rate of interest
  • Good profile and high grades can guarantee an education loan of high quantity
  • Lawyers invariably understand the right steps
  • Student loan payments are going to be with you till you retire


Education is a basic want and right of each individual. Except for many folks in obtaining an education is an upscale business which too, from an acknowledged institute will produce a hole in their pocket.

Moreover, the value of education is increasing speedily. Due to this, parents, who want to produce their youngsters with the most effective attainable education, invest their cash in many long-run plans. However, even in spite of everything this, an individual could face. A shortage of cash needed. It’s in such a scenario that a student loan plays an important role in bridging up the gap between the quantity needed. As per the studies, the value spent on education is increasing at concerning fifteen percent per annum. With this variety of bugging students and oldsters everywhere the planet, they often end up choosing education loans.


To conclude my research, I would like to add that taking an education loan helps you in building an honest credit score as this can be the primary loan during a person’s life. If you repay the loan on time with no defaults, then it conjointly makes it easier for you to induce home equity loans, car loans, etc. in the future.

Education has become the major stepping stone toward success, and education loans have become an integral part of the lives of people who cannot afford the overpriced fee structure of well-known institutions.  Education loans should have more support from the govt. And should have a lesser interest rate as it only helps the student build a career for themselves and make the country proud.  Since India is a youth-based country, education loans should be readily available in any part of the company.

Lastly, in conclusion to the information found in this project; it has proven that education loan is a vital part of a student’s life when the individual comes from relatively poor housing.


Discussing the findings of this project with my family and my friends, they were thrilled to know the importance of education loans as well. My discussion with my family leads to the revelation that my father is paying for the student loan that he applied for my brother’s foreign education. The discussion also had a lot of suggestions and opinions.

Discussion with my friends and peers helped us realize the value of education in today’s world. Discussion with my teachers yielded more information about education loans. And everyone had their own opinion regarding education loans.


The suggestions and opinions from everyone I discussed this project with are varied. A few of them are:

  1. Interest rates should be lowered
  2. There should be much better loan schemes for abroad studies
  3. Education shouldn’t be pricey at all
  4. Prestige schools and colleges should offer scholarships
  5. Mainly the cost of education should be kept the same for every institute, may it be govt. Or private.
  6. Education loans should be flexible


My profound gratitude to all the faculty members of the Department, for their timely assistance and encouragement throughout my research work.

I duly acknowledge the encouragement and support from the research scholars in the department, and all my colleagues and friends.

It gives me immense pleasure to take the opportunity to all the people who are directly or indirectly involved in the completion of my project based on Informative Report Of Education Loans Given By Banks

With deep reverence, I offer my deepest gratitude _____, without whom this project could not have been fulfilled.

Lastly, I thank Almighty, my parents, family members, friends, and teachers for their constant encouragement and support without which this project would not be possible.


Name of School/College


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