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share certificates for different kinds of shares, Specimen Presentation Of Share Certificates For Different Kinds of Shares, HSC Projects, HSC Projects

Specimen Presentation Of Share Certificates For Different Kinds of Shares


In money markets, a share may be a unit used as mutual funds, restricted partnerships, and property investment trusts. The owner of stocks within the corporation may be a shareowner (or stockholder) of the corporation. A share is an integral unit of capital, expressing the ownership relationship between the corporate and, therefore, the stockholder. The denominated worth of a share is its face worth, and therefore the total of the face worth of issued shares represents the capital of an organization, which can not reflect the market price of these shares. Similar to debentures certificates we will talk about Specimen Presentation Of Share Certificates For Different Kinds of Shares

In company law, security (also referred to as a certificate of stock or share certificate) is an official document that certifies possession of a selected variety of shares of stock in a very corporation. Traditionally, certificates might have been needed to proof claim to dividends, with a receipt for the payment being supported on the back. Therefore, the original certificate might have been needed to be provided to result in the transfer of the property.


This project aims to understand share and share certificates. There are many objectives for this project.  Major few objectives are given below.


  • To understand the shares
  • To understand the various types of shares
  • To know the benefits and disadvantages of share certificates
  • To understand the nature and working various share certificates
  • To ascertain any doubts regarding share certificates
  • To understand the importance of share certificate


The method used to get the required information on the project is an internet survey method. The Internet has extensive information on this subject. It has a visual representation of share certificates, as well.

The survey has unveiled information about share certificates, which are important in today’s business world. The major points covered in this survey are giving below:

  • Shares and types of shares.
  • Meaning of share certificates.
  • Contents of share certificates.
  • Issuance of share certificate.
  • Importance of share certificate in an organization.
  • Specimens of share certificates.


The information collected through the survey on a specimen of share certificates of various kinds of shares is elaborated below.

  • Share and types of shares:

Shares are units of possession interest in the very corporation or monetary quality that offer for equal distribution in any profits, if any are declared, within the variety of dividends. The two main sorts of shares are ordinary shares and preference shares. Physical paper stock certificates are replaced with an electronic recording of stock shares, even as fund shares are recorded electronically.

share certificates for different kinds of shares, Specimen Presentation Of Share Certificates For Different Kinds of Shares, HSC Projects, HSC Projects

There are various types of shares:

Ordinary shares:

Ordinary shares are the foremost normally listed shares that represent the company’s ballot rights and replicate the equity possession of a precise company, generally carrying one vote per share. Also, these shares offer the proper to the distribution of the company’s assets within the event of effecting or sale of the business.

Preference shares:

The holder of the preferred stock virtually incorporates a preference to payments of dividends or on the closing of the corporate over common stock and has vote rights that are restricted to specific circumstances or specific resolutions reckoning on the terms of the shares.

Partly paid shares:

These shares are issued while not requiring the complete payment of the issue value. The holder of those shares has identical rights as a standard stockholder as regards to balloting, dividends, and winding-up rights, proportional to the number paid on the share.

Deferred ordinary shares:

These shares carry fewer rights than stock. Their rights embody rights within the shares within which dividends are solely paid in the end different categories of shares are paid, shares within which dividends are solely paid after a particular date, shares that don’t seem to be tradeable till a particular date, and shares that don’t provide their holders any rights till all different shareholders are paid like within the event of financial condition.

Non-voting ordinary shares:

These shares don’t offer the holder any ballot rights, and therefore the holder isn’t able to participate in its general conferences though he’s entitled to some of the company’s capital. These are largely issued to staff or relations of the most shareholders.

Redeemable shares:

These are shares that may be bought back or redeemable by the corporate at some purpose within the future. The redemption date will either be fastened or be determined at the company’s discretion sometimes for a similar value because of the issue value. However, a corporation will solely redeem shares out of profits or the takings of a brand new share issue.

Redeemable preference shares:

These shares mix the options of stock and redeemable shares within which the investor edges from the discriminatory right to dividends, which can be either accumulative or non-cumulative. In contrast, the corporate will redeem or retains the flexibility to redeem the shares within the future.

Cumulative preference shares:

The holders of a cumulative preference share can have the right to the accumulative dividend that are lost or not paid fully. There are times that the corporate cannot pay the dividends fully for the present amount, and can solely pay them once it’s already decent distributable reserves. For normal shareholders, they’ll not receive any dividends unless all the dividends behind for the accumulative preferred stock are paid.

Management shares:

These shares provide the holders further selection rights at the company’s general conferences, which is advantageous for the holders as a result of it permits company administrators to retain management of the corporate once the shares are issued to outside investors.

Alphabet shares:

These shares are a tax on common stock. These enable an organization to vary the rights hooked up to shareholders. These are termed, such as a result of alphabet letters are accustomed to label category of share with every class having different selection rights, rights to dividends, moreover as rights to capital. These shares thus change corporations to boost or prohibit bound shareholders’ rights.

  • Meaning of share certificate

A share certificate is a crucial document for shareholders to prove possession in a very company. Share certificate should be issued by a corporation once incorporation to its shareholders on receipt of cash for capital. Further, just in case of the issue of extra shares or transfer of shares, share certificates are once more issued by the corporate.

  • Contents of share certificates

A valid share certificate ought to have:

  1. It should have the common seal of the corporate glued on it.
  2. It should specify the quantity and class of shares. The value of share, the distinctive number of shares, certificate number, and amount truly paid should be expressed in it.
  3. It should additionally state the name of the investor
  4. Particulars of all share certificates issued shall be recorded within the register of members
  5. It should state the name and address of the registered workplace of the company and date of issue.
  • Issuance of share certificate:

share certificates for different kinds of shares, Specimen Presentation Of Share Certificates For Different Kinds of Shares, HSC Projects, HSC Projects

The company is needed to supply one certificate to a member for all his shares while not payment of any charges. If an investor requests over one certificate, then the corporate will issue extra shares for payment of Rs.20 per every share certificate.

Share certificates ought to be issued at allotment or subscription or at the time of Incorporation. A Board resolution ought to be passed within the committee meeting for the issue of Certificate. The ready share certificates should adjust to the standards mentioned on top of and maybe issued underneath the signature of 2 administrators or Company Secretary or the other person approved by the Board of Administrators.

The share certificate should be issued from the registered workplace of the corporate, and payment of revenue enhancement on the issue of share certificate should be created as per the Stamp Act of the State. Once the share certificates are issued, details of share certificates issued should be entered into to register of members maintained underneath Section 88 of the Companies Act, 2013. Together with Name to whom issued and date of issue.

  • Importance of share certificate:

A share certificate is issued to members of a business that sells shares in their business. This certificate certifies that a particular person is the rightful owner of the shares within the business. It entitles them to own a share within the profit and in some instances, even a share within the decision making the process.

  • A specimen of share certificate:

share certificates for different kinds of shares, Specimen Presentation Of Share Certificates For Different Kinds of Shares, HSC Projects, HSC Projects


When corporations issue shares within the market, shareholders who render are issued a share certificate. The share certificate essentially acts as a receipt for purchase and possession of shares within the company. The document certifies registered possession of shares from a specific date.

Historically, share certificates were needed for proof of title to dividends. On every occasion a certificate was given, the receipt for the payment of dividends was supported on the rear. This way, all records of dividend payments were connected to the document.

Today, in fashionable money markets, individual investors seldom take physical possession of their share certificates. Some countries, like Sweden, have utterly abolished the problem of share certificates as proof of share possession in an exceedingly company and have efficient the method of registering homeowners via electronic registration.

A share certificate may be in either registered kind or bearer kind. A registered share certificate is barely proof of title possession, whereas a bearer share certificate, currently uncommon, entitles the holder to exercise all legal rights related to the stock.


To conclude my findings, a share certificate is issued by the corporations that have sold a number of their shares to the general public. These certificates are offered free from charge to the patrons of the shares. It’s one in every one of the ways that within which the corporate rewards the new investor for purchasing shares within the company and hospitable them as a section of the corporate.

There is some very important info that ought to be enclosed on your share certificate. While not this info on that, the certificates are often imprecise in some instances.

Stock possession perpetually takes the shape of shares. Shares certificate is that the legal proof of possession of the corporate by a capitalist. It shows the mandatory data to support the claim of possession to the number of share units that are displayed on the certificate. The data on the Shares certificate includes the legal name, address, the units of shares closely-held and an internally generated chase symbol by the supplying authority, in Nigeria, that authority is that the Central Securities Clearing Systems (CSCS).


A share certificate may be writing ready by the corporate below its common seal and sent to the members, containing the quantity of shares control by him/her and, therefore, the amount paid on it. The documented work as proof for the possession of shares of the stockholder.  It is not precisely the same as the share warrant.

Technically, a share warrant is an instrument that signifies that the holder of the instrument is entitled to the shares mentioned in it. It a bearer document, which might be transferred by mere delivery.

Many assume that these two documents are one and therefore the same issue, that isn’t true, there’s a fine line of distinction between share certificate and share warrant that we’ve mentioned during this article.


The suggestions and opinions are given by the people whom I discussed this project with family and friends.

The suggestions were:

  • Share certificates are fake all the time. It is necessary to check the originality of the share certificate.
  • There should be a promotion of the importance of such topics by all the colleges for a better understanding of the students.
  • Shares are risky; terms, and conditions should be well-read.
  • The share certificate should be checked with all the markers.
  • The general public should be aware of the share certificate.


My profound gratitude to all the faculty members of the Department, for their timely assistance and encouragement throughout my research work.

I duly acknowledge the encouragement and support from the research scholars in the department, and all my colleagues and friends.

It gives me immense pleasure to take the opportunity to all the people who are directly or indirectly involved in the completion of my project based on Specimen Presentation Of Share Certificates For Different Kinds of Shares

With deep reverence, I offer my deepest gratitude _____, without whom this project could not have been fulfilled.

Lastly, I thank Almighty, my parents, family members, friends, and teachers for their constant encouragement and support without which this project would not be possible.

Name of School/College


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