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Study Of The BPO HR Consultancy

Study Of The BPO HR Consultancy

I interned with  ‘The Corporate Generation Consultancy Services’. It is located in Nirman Vihar, New Delhi and is a BPO HR  Consultancy, involved in the activities of the recruitment process. Internship at Corpgen was great exposure to the industry. After going through a summer internship, this was firsthand experience how consultancy industry functions.

The primary goal of the internship was to get real-time insight into the working of the organization. The major accomplishment for me during my tenure of two months internship was to recruit candidates and to learn more about the recruitment process and how it is done for BPO  industry in the consultancy, who happens to be our major client. Also, I got to learn about HR consultancy through my study.

PGDM course of JKBS requires the student to undergo a Summer Internship Programme with an organization followed by a report assigned by the supervisor in the organization and endorsed by the faculty mentor. I took this opportunity to do my internship with  ‘The  Corporate  Generation Consultancy Services’ providing recruitment services in New Delhi. Observation and suggestion were made so as to enhance the quality of the effort taken.

Under the guidance of my supervisor Mr. Gaurav Priyaraj and Praveen Saini at the organization, I have conducted my study on ‘BPO HR Consultancy’ i.e. about Corpgen itself. My internal mentor and faculty  Dr.Sudhir  Sakhuja,  Dean of JKBS also approved the topic and authorized me to prepare this report as a part of the fulfillment of internship requirement and gave me proper guidance and assistance over time.



Title – Study Of The BPO HR Consultancy

Author – Kumari Swati

College – JK Business School, Gurgaon 

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