Accountancy Project List For Class 12 Commerce

Get unlimited, ready-to-use accountancy projects for Class 12 and excel in your studies. Free downloadable PDF.

  1. Study Of Various Adjustments In Final Accounts Of Partnership Firm
  2. Visit a Company & Prepare Report on Procedure of Issue of Debentures
  3. A Report on Procedure of Winding up Partnership Firm
  4. An Interview With a Share Broker
  5. A Report On The Procedure Of Opening A Demat Account
  6. A Report On Procedure Of Purchasing And Selling Of Shares Through Account
  7. Report on Visit a Partnership Firm And Study the Management of the Firm
  8. Procedure of Registration of Partnership Firm Under Partnership Act 1932
  9. Preparation of a Report on Various Treatments of Bills of Exchange
  10. Studying The Method Of Valuation Of Goodwill Accounting Treatment In Case Of Admission, Retirement, Or Death Of A Partner
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