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Consumer Buying Behaviour For Ball Pens

Consumer Buying Behaviour For Ball Pens

Today the significance of project work has greater importance in the business world. Practical knowledge is as important as a theory so that one thing is said, “Practice makes men Perfect “ In order to get acquainted with how theoretical concepts are being followed at TWPL, I have tried to take an overview of all departments of the company and its working mechanism. It has given me a chance to learn a lot in the process.

My topic for the study is on “Consumer Buying Behaviour about pens”. The pen is a product, which is used by each and every person. There are various brand’s of the pen in the market of different types Price, Colour, design, Grip, etc .so the pen market is full of competition where the consumer possesses a vast variety of choice to select his brand which depends on his buying Behaviour. Of course, it is very difficult to describe consumer buying Behaviour about pen; seven though I have tried to find how the consumer purchases a particular brand

How much he searches for his brand? What factors influence he too buy the preferred brand?

The technique of data collection is through questionnaire as it is less complex and easy Three methods (i.e) Graphical method, percentage, &average method are used as tools /techniques of analysis. Statistical tools used by me for analyzing the data are Chi-Square & ANOVA Analysis.



Title – Consumer Buying Behaviour For Ball Pens

Author – Shah Virag A

College – Gidc Rajju Shroff Rofel Institute Of Management Studies 

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