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Human Resources Management In Banking Sector

Human Resources Management In Banking Sector

Efficient human resource management is one of the most essential requirements for survival in this competitive world. In this paper, an attempt has been made to test the hypothesis for administrative skills, competitive advantage, and human resource development (HRD) policies. This study reveals that Indian bank managers have good administrative skills for industrial competitiveness. Also, they have good administrative skills to manage HRD policies.

This article enlightened the banking activity which thrives on the strength of people power”. People are the direct factors of productivity of its services and people are its sole consumers”. Banking was a thriving industry in ancient India. Initially, the industrial houses pioneered banks with a view to generating funds for productive activities and at the same time offered considerable security, liquidity and fair returns to the depositors. In a way, banking continued to be a traditional industry until 1969. When major banks were taken over by the Government of India. With nationalization, banks ceased to be funding agencies only for the industrial sector and became a vivacious instrument of social change more statistical data are available in support of the proposition that there is a phenomenal growth of banking industry.

Human Resource Management or Personnel management is the activity of managing personnel, usually employees.

In any organization, managing personnel in the process of making sure the employees (not the customers) are as productive as they can be. This can include hiring, firing, or transferring people to/from jobs they can do most productively.

This subject is a major at many universities or a minor in the business school. It is also known as personnel administration, which is functionally an equivalent term.



Title – Human Resources Management In Banking Sector

Author – Raju Suresh Jaiswar

College – Ramanand Arya D.A.V. College Datar Colony Bhandup 

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