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A Study On Customer Buying Behaviour Towards D-Mart

A Study On Customer Buying Behaviour Towards D-Mart

Indian retail sector is witnessing one of the most hectic Marketing activities of all times. The companies are fighting to win the hearts of customer who is ‘God’ said by the business tycoons. There is always a ‘first mover advantage’ in an upcoming sector. Here, that advantage goes to “ D-Mart”. It has brought about many changes in the buying habits of people. It has created formats, which provides all items under one roof at low rates, or so it claims! In this project, we have studied its marketing strategies and promotional activities.

The project titled ‘A Study on the effective promotional strategy influences customer for the product of D-Mart’ helps us to understand the effect of promotional strategy which is responsible for attracting customers towards d-mart This study is helpful to top-level management to improve the present promotional strategy of D-Mart.

The project was carried out as per the steps of Marketing Research. The well supportive objectives were set for the study. To meet the objectives primary research was undertaken. The data collection approach adopted was experimental research & survey research. The instrument used for the data collection was observation & questionnaire. The target respondents were the visitors of D-Mart, with the sample size of 120 for the study of sales management of the company. Tables & charts were used to translate responses into meaningful information to get the most out of the collected data. Based on those the inferences have been drawn with peer supportive data.



Title – A Study On Customer Buying Behaviour Towards D-Mart

Author – Ansari Arbaz

College – K.H.M.W. College Of Commerce 

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