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Marketing Strategies Of Mc Donalds

Marketing Strategies Of Mc Donalds

McDonald’s is a globally successful fast-food restaurant. From the time of its birth, it has gained enormous success and is growing at the international level. The powerful entry through franchisee system the standardization and adaptation strategy plays an important role in gaining the huge success of McDonald’s and brand image of McDonald’s.

McDonald’s strategy of standardizing their products on its preparation, techniques of the presentation along with the adaptation strategy has created a difference in McDonald’s as compared to that of its competitors.

Marketing being my subject interest knowing the strategy of one of the most successful company will really help me out. Thus, I have chosen McDonald’s as my study of the subject for my 100 marks project in TYBMS. This has really helped me out to know lots of marketing techniques and practically understand the McDonald’s strategy of standardization and adaptation.


In the project, the focus has been made on McDonald’s franchise in India. The challenges faced their target market, segmentation strategies. The supply chain of the company and its ability to provide the best quality food at the best cost. The 5 Ps of McDonald’s and the various schemes provided by the company to its employees while working in McDonald’s and even after their retirement from the company. McDonald’s as a service industry its life cycle also studies. The present strength and weakness of the company and the future opportunities and its future threats are also studied for better analysis of McDonald’s marketing in India.


Studying McDonald’s and its marketing system has helped me a lot in understanding the marketing subject in a better manner. And it will be helpful for me in the near future.



Title – Marketing Strategies Of Mc Donalds

Author – Zaid Qureshi

College – Sant Gadge Maharaj College Of Commerce And Economics 

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