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problems faced by firms, Visit MIDC in the Nearest Area and Study the Problems Faced by Firms Located in it, HSC Projects, HSC Projects

Visit MIDC in the Nearest Area and Study the Problems Faced by Firms Located in it


Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) could be a project of the govt of geographic region state in Bharat and is that the leading corporation of a geographic region. It provides businesses with infrastructures like land (open plot or settled spaces), roads, water, evacuation facilities, and street lights. Mr. P. Anbalagan, IAS, is that the CEO of MIDC (Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation). Visit MIDC in the Nearest Area and Study the Problems Faced by Firms Located in it. Compare these Problems with the Problems of the Industrial Sector at the National Level.

The industry has developed an elite destined pattern. Mass of economic power within the hands of few, regional disproportion, illness of industries, loss publicly sector industries, failing labor relations, lack of capital and industrial raw materials, the changing policy of the govt, and defective licens­ing policy are a number of the issues that are obstructive the industrial development within the country.


The aim of this project is to visit MIDC in the nearest area and study the problems faced by firms located in it. Compare these problems with the problems of the industrial sector at the national level.

There are many objectives for this project.  Major few objectives are given below.


  •  To understand the industrial sector of the nation
  •  To know the problems faced by the industrial sector on a national basis
  •  To understand the problems faced by MIDC’s
  •  To ascertain any doubts regarding industrial problems in India
  •  To understand the cause behind the problem


The method used to gather the required information on the project is an internet survey method. The Internet has extensive information on this subject. It has a vast collection of data on problems faced by the industrial sector at the national level. The survey has unveiled information about this topic, which has covered major few points which are listed below and explained in a detailed report of the project.

  • Problems faced by industries at the national level
  • Problems faced in MIDC area in Mumbai


  • Problems faced by industries at the national level

Unbalanced Industrial Structure: Despite all efforts, the Republic of India has not been able to attain self-sufficiency in respect of commercial mate­rial. The Republic of India continues to be keen on imports for transport equipment, machinery, iron, and steel, paper, chemicals, etc. within the total industrial production trade goods contribute thirty-eight percent. In newly industrialized countries like Singapore, South Korea, and Asian countries, this share is fifty-two, twenty-nine, and twenty-eight severally. This shows that import substi­tution continues to be a remote goal for the country

Regional Concentration: In the Republic of India, most of the industries are placed in a few elite areas departure out the huge expanse of the country empty industrial institutions. Most of the industries are placed in and around metropolitan cities like an urban center, Kolkata, Delhi, etc. This has not solely created regional imbalance, and regional inequality, however, has inspired fissiparous tendency as well as unrest, violence, and terrorist act.

problems faced by firms, Visit MIDC in the Nearest Area and Study the Problems Faced by Firms Located in it, HSC Projects, HSC Projects

Industrial illness: In the personal industrial sector, a growing range of commercial units has become sick. Wide­spread illness has, indeed, become a serious prob­lem of this sector. The causative factors for this illness are: (i) deficient management, (ii) under-utilization of capability thanks to shortage of raw materials, coal and power, and transport, (iii) obsolete machinery, equip­ment and production techniques, (vi) difficulties in marketing the merchandise, (vii) diversion of funds to new units below same possession, and (viii) conflict between completely different in­terest teams among the house owners. Sometimes, the govt. Takes over sick units that any worsen the prob­lem. There’s conjointly a desire for constant observation and deterrent penalties to the parties chargeable for illness.

Lack of Infrastructure: An inadequate infrastructural facility is another major downside two-faced by the Indian industries. En­ergy crisis features a nice concerning commercial development and production. Though the put in the capability of electricity enhanced from sixty six.08 million metric linear units in 1990-91 to eighty-five .79 million metric linear units in 1996-97; however, it’s a lot of wanting the particular demand. It ends up in power cut and rostering that hampers the commercial pro­duction. Rail transport is weighed down whereas road transport is troubled with several issues. Even national highways in several places are in unhealthy form. Telecom­munication facilities are primarily confined to huge cities.

Improper Location Base: Industrial locations, in many instances, were established while not relevance efficient points. Every state clamors for the institution of major industries within the public sector inside its boundaries, and also, the location choices are usually politically intended.

problems faced by firms, Visit MIDC in the Nearest Area and Study the Problems Faced by Firms Located in it, HSC Projects, HSC Projects

Shortage of commercial stuff: Indian Agricore, the key supply of indus­trial stuff, continues to be captivated with the monsoon. Natural calamities like drought, famine, flood, etc. badly have an effect on agricultural production still the sup­ply of commercial stuff. Failure of monsoon even affects the getting power of the individuals and, additionally, the demand for industrial production. It some­times creates glut within the market and industrial embonpoint. Cement business is recently facing such a crisis. Drought-like state of affairs even affects hydel generation, resulting in an energy crisis, additional pressure on railways to move coal, and on thermal power sector for higher output. This results in a sequence of crises that have an interlocking impact.

  • Problems faced in MIDC area Mumbai

Industrial illness: While the Maharashtra government has taken a variety of steps for the convenience of doing business, there are still some problems needing immediate attention. One in all the problems being water association to industries set outside the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) areas. These industries need to wait over a year to induce water association. According to a authorities rule, introduced in 2012 by the Congress-NCP government, all water connections to industries outside MIDC need to be cleared by the state cupboard. Whereas MIDC provides water connections to industries below its jurisdiction, those outside its limits suffer. Nearly 1/2 state industries are set outside MIDC.

Unbalanced Industrial Structure: A ride through the MIDC industrial space patently makes the danger clear. Immense boilers occupy the area, and, just in case of an accident, the injury is enlarged because of blocked margin areas. The boilers, as a result of they need not been upgraded, are already susceptible to explosions because of excess load on the infrastructure. By keeping a venturesome machine outside the plant, the hazards for the encircling neighborhood drastically go up, says commie. “By keeping boilers outside, you create extra space for production within the plant,” he says. “It may be a clear violation of the law.” A case has been registered against the house owners of the mill for inflicting death because of negligence and different completely different sections of the Indian legal code within the might twenty-six blasts. MIDC officers have told reporters that checking of varied permissions and inspections comes below the scope of the board of business Safety and Health (DISH), and it’s investigation the difficulty. DISH, meanwhile, has assured that it’ll do inspections of various factories.

problems faced by firms, Visit MIDC in the Nearest Area and Study the Problems Faced by Firms Located in it, HSC Projects, HSC Projects

Lack of Infrastructure: Apart from security problems, MIDC factories have conjointly unnoticed environmental norms. Untreated chemical effluents are free within the canals, that ought to directly go far into the ocean. Just in case of Dombivli MIDC, contaminated canals meet the Ulhas stream. The Inexperienced National assembly has conjointly forced up geographical area Pollution board within the case of Ulhas stream pollution. Once the rivers are contaminated, effluents consequently percolate into the bottom water and contaminate aquifers. As a result, even the water provide, or the borewells, became grossly contaminated, augmenting the possibilities of water-borne diseases. Environmentalists say it’s “irreparable damage.”

Improper Location Base: Dombivli ranks second within the state for being the foremost contaminated town. With MIDC (Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation) gift within the space, the town is extremely contaminated. Several chemical firms within the space emit venturesome gases. Many years back, there was conjointly the notorious inexperienced rain within the space.


Maharashtra State is one of the industrially developed states of India. The formation of Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) has boosted commercial development by making basic, additionally as the most advanced infrastructure facilities for numerous kinds of industries in several elements of the State. Though the state of art facilities was provided for the water system, effluent treatment, and waste disposal for the industries, nonetheless, the probabilities of pollution might exist in several industrial areas. Springwater contamination has been according to because of the discharge of untreated/partially treated industrial effluents. The commercial effluents contain a range of chemicals, dyes, acids, and alkalis besides serious metals and alternative harmful compounds. Textile dyes are harmful, extremely stable, and don’t degrade simply and don’t seem to be removed by typical waste material treatment ways. Untreated effluent of textile/chemical industries drains or flowing from their holding/storage ponds contaminates the spring water regime. Such activities place hydrological stress on existing spring water by deteriorating its quality. This study is beneath taken to assess the impact of commercial pollution on water resources, particularly the bottom water. The investigation is haunted throughout September 2010 to spot pollution of spring water, its sources and recommend attainable remedial measures.


To conclude my findings,

The preceding analysis shows that India has created adequate accomplishment in industrial development throughout the last five decades and has emerged because of the tenth largest industrial country of the planet. However, considering the scale of the country, this development is away from satisfactory.

There are several areas wherever, despite requisite facilities, industrial development is either scant or utterly absent. The pace of commercial progress has been slow, and therefore, the growth has continually lagged behind the target (except in the seventh 5 Year Plan). Despite industrial progress self- sufficiency could be a distant dream, and import substitu­tion a significant drawback. Underneath utilization of existing capability is another major drawback that is thanks to lack of power, staple, and demand.

Particularly in developing countries, tiny labor-intensive industries are favored essentially to form employment opportunities in an economy with unskilled bumper labor even supposing such industries might not continually be supported on the grounds of economic potency.


The discussion has revealed:

“Mumbai is one of the most crowded cities. The main issue starts with overcrowding. The major issues faced in Mumbai are mainly due to the pollution created by the MIDC’s. ”


There are a few opinions and suggestions by family and friends whom I discussed my project findings with; they are given below:

  • The government should take some initiative to reduce the problems


My profound gratitude to all the faculty members of the Department, for their timely assistance and encouragement throughout my research work.

I duly acknowledge the encouragement and support from the research scholars in the department, and all my colleagues and friends.

It gives me immense pleasure to take the opportunity to all the people who are directly or indirectly involved in the completion of my project based on Visit MIDC in the nearest area and study the problems faced by firms located in it. Compare these problems with the problems of the industrial sector at the national level.

With deep reverence, I offer my deepest gratitude _____, without whom this project could not have been fulfilled.

Lastly, I thank Almighty, my parents, family members, friends, and teachers for their constant encouragement and support, without which this project would not be possible.

Name of School/College



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