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Effects on environment – List of information of industries


The project on effects on environment list of information of industries focuses on the negative and positive aspects of industries in environment.lumbini, the birthplace of the lord buddha lies within the district of rupandehi, which falls in the western location of Nepal. it is a global historical past internet site (inscribed inside the united international locations educational, medical and cultural business enterprise (UNESCO) international records list in 1997 at some point of its twenty-first session) and is a vacation spot for pilgrims and placement traffic from Nepal and spherical the arena. as a global historic past website online, way to its cultural, spiritual and nonsecular values, Lumbini is the pleasure of Nepal and has the functionality of turning into a top supplier of income for the authorities of Nepal.

the regions from bhairahawa to Lumbini have been for decades a verdant area of fertile farmlands with paddy and wheat fields and plantations of several veggies and mustard. it additionally provides a notable habitat for flowers and fauna. however, nowadays, the scenario has been changing rapidly because of an increasing number of industrial websites within the region. the businesses inside the location are though worried in farming however fast changes are growing an exceptionally dangerous state of affairs for all styles of biodiversity and additionally for the sector historical past web page (was) within the region1. within the ultimate ten years, this place has witnessed a tremendous boom in the range of business establishments and the region inside the outer edge of the toll road from Lumbini to bhairahawa has the ability to turn into a top industrial region. environmental pollution from present and the growing form of industries has accelerated relatively and had a destructive impact on the environment surrounding the area records website. an interesting advertising marketing campaign, such as a petition of environmentalists, has alerted civilians in addition to environmental conservationists to take nice movement for its protection and conservation.

the persevering with business boom possesses a hazard to the archaeological stays in Lumbini (the Kenzo Tange draw close plan), and the opposite archaeological sites surrounding Lumbini, mainly tilaurakot and mammogram. each tilaurakot and ramgram are protected inside the UNESCO tentative list for inscription onto the area history listing. the master plan covers an area of 5 ml x five ml which become legal with the resource of the un and the authorities of Nepal in 1978. rapid commercial development ought to see the sector historical past website of Lumbini surrounded with the resource of a cement manufacturing commercial enterprise park thereby developing detrimental environmental pollution that threatens the very life of Lumbini. the expansion of commercial development at this internet site online is developing an essential risk to the archaeological and nonsecular fee of Lumbini. this unplanned commercial enterprise increase also poses a very extreme barrier to the sustainable economic development of surrounding nearby communities. in view of the threats to this specific why UNESCO Kathmandu has supplied economic aid to the international union for the conservation of nature (in Nepal) in order for it to adopt an environmental impact assessment of the vicinity.


The project aims to show the effects on environment due to different types of industries

Objectives of the study are

  1. To learn about environment
  2. To learn about industries
  3. To learn about effects on environment because of industries
  4. To learn about different effects of different industries
  5. To provide inter-disciplinary advice to minimize harmful effects


In this project, we are going to learn about different types of winding up of a partnership firm

Primary data is data gathered for the first time by the researcher. It is the raw form of data and thoroughly studied and hence a helpful tool for secondary data. Here the method used for collection of primary data is by using reference of the website.

The referred websites in this project are used as a source of data for this project. Most of the content is collected from these websites. The authenticity of this information cannot be taken seriously and thus keeping that in mind most of that data might be true or fake.



India is a predominantly agricultural country. The well-being of Indian economy is directly connected with the welfare of her masses dwelling in the rural areas. With the scientific and industrial development, we had to adopt a vigorous industrial policy. The introduction of heavy industries has both positive and negative impact on Indian society and economy.

The government launched massive economic reforms: Our Government introduced “New Economic Policy” in 1991. The vigorous economic Plans enshrined the industrial schemes and projects.

The private sector is now encouraged to invest in heavy industries. It sought to establish in the country a belt of heavy industries, like the gigantic steel plants at Durgapur, Rourkela, and Bhilai.

Positive Impact of Industrialization

Low cost of production: The introduction of industries have led to the decrease in the cost of production of many essential items. The decrease in cost is the result of economy of Large-scale production. It allows saving time and labor. Industrial goods have become more affordable for common people.

Self-sufficient: Before independence, we used to spend hundreds of millions of rupees over the import of cloth only, as we had no heavy industries in the real sense of the term. With the advancement of textile industry in our country, we are able to manufacture clothes at a much lower cost. In this way, we made ourselves self-sufficient in providing our basic needs.

Employment: Large industries need thousands of skilled and semi-skilled workers. It provides massive employment opportunity for a large chunk of people.

Improved Agriculture: In the modern age efficient agricultural system is that, which is done with the help of a machine and mechanical devices. For this purpose, we have to adopt the latest Industrial system.

Defense and security: But we must keep pace with the march of time. We have to defend our country against foreign aggression. We must manufacture latest weapons, for it is most unwise to depend upon foreign aid for the defense of one’s country.

Negative Impact of Industrialization

Mechanized, heavy and large-scale industries have a negative impact which adversely affects the environment, society, and economy of this country.

The decline of cottage industry: Throughout, India has been proud of her rural cottage industries. The silk produced by the village-weavers had been a source of attraction all over the world. With the advent of heavy mechanical industries began the chapter of the decline of our village cottage industries.

Mass migration from rural areas: Another attack is that with the creation of heavy mechanized industries in the urban areas, the rural population would start mass-migration into town and cities, thereby making the unemployment problem more acute and complex.

Depletion of natural resources: Due to industrialization, there is constant depletion of natural resources. Many industries are powered by thermal power plants that consume coal. Since large industries are spread over many acres of land, agricultural lands and forests are often cleared to make available the required land.

Pollution: Large industries emit many harmful gases into the environment. The introduction of harmful chemicals into air leads to air pollution. The noises that it produces leads to noise-pollution.

The increase of war-like situation: Out of the degenerating effects of heavy industries is born contention. In developed nations, most of these Heavy industries are engaged in the production of war materials. With a lot of war weapons in hands, there has been an increase in war-like situation among countries.


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