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marketing Management of Beverages, Marketing Management of Beverages – Business Studies Project, HSC Projects, HSC Projects

Marketing Management of Beverages – Business Studies Project


Business Studies Class 12 CBSE project on Marketing Management of Beverages

Name Of The Product: Hill Top
Type Of Product: Beverage Drink
Name Of Company: Pepsi Company

The ultimate objective of our business strategy is to increase volume, expand our share of worldwide, non-alcoholic ready to drink, beverage sales, minimize our long-term cash flows and create economic value and added by improving profit.

The hilltop system has millions of consumers around the world that sells or services product directly to consumer around the world that sells or services our products directly to the consumer. We keenly focus on enhancing value for these customers in helping them grow their beverages business. We strive to understand each customer’s business needs, whether that customer is a sophisticated retailer in a developed market, an owner in an emerging market.




Pepsi company is a world in convenient foods, and beverages with the revenues $27 billion and over 143000 employees the company consists of snack Frito – lay international Frito lay north America the beverages business of Pepsi cola North America and Pepsi company beverage international and quarter oats food north America manufacture and marketer to ready to eat cereals and other food products. Pepsi brands are available in nearly 2000 countries and territories. The advertisement of the Pepsi changes to *you got to right one baby uhhhh*

marketing Management of Beverages, Marketing Management of Beverages – Business Studies Project, HSC Projects, HSC Projects

  • 1953 “Coke Time,” Debuts on both radio and television, it’s so popular they issue promotional records of the songs.
  • 1956 McCann Erickson, inc. Replaces the D’ Arey (1906) as coke’s official advertising agency.
  • 1958 Pepsi launches the “said” bottle and the ad campaign “Be Sociable, Have a Pepsi.” Pepsi was now available in 120 countries.
  • 1959 Coke is now distributed by a network of 1700 bottlers, operating in more than 100 countries.
  • 1959 Pictures of vice president Richard M. Nixon and Soviet premier Khrushchev sipping Pepsi at the Pepsi kiosk in Moscow make global headlines. Pepsi launches its first ad campaign to focus on the youth, dubbed “sociable,” followed by “now it’s Pepsi, for those who think young.”
  • 1960 Coke acquires the minute maid corporation.
  • 1961 The first appearance of coke is a feature film “one, Two, Three.”
  • Sprite is introduced on February 1
  • 1961 Pepsi launches the campaign, “come alive! You’re the Pepsi generation.”

With the extensive range of stars in the adds of the popularity of PepsiCo increase.

In 1992 Pepsi cola formed a partnership with Thomas j lip to co today listen is the biggest selling ready to drink tea brand in the united states.

Sometimes hilltop company changes the product price according to the season. Summer is supposed to be a good season for the beverage industry, so in winter, they reduce their prices to maintain their sales and profits. But normally they reduce the price of their per bottle or 1-liter glass bottle. Tea brand is situated in the united states.


We give customers a wide choice of soft drinks, its information that also gives people the information they need to choose that right for then. All our products labels comply with the relevant u.K laws and regulations since 2003 we have also voluntarily included detailed nutritional info (including energy, protein, carbohydrate, and fat levels) on the labeling of all products in great Britain.


When it is legally required or when it’s appropriate to do so, we also carry additional information on packs, eg. We should label our energy drinks relentless with high caffeine earning packaging. The law requires the amount of caffeine per pack. But as we go one step further and also states a high caffeine drink. It is more suitable for children pregnant and breast-feeding women. Where our products contribute to the five a day target fruit and vegetables. We flag this up to such as

  • 100% Juices
  • Appetizer
  • Fruits


Since 2007 We Have Featured The Guidelines Daily Amount (Gda) Labelling On The Front Of Our Packing, Clearly Displaying The Content Per Serving (330 Ml For Cans 250 For Bottles)

  • Calories
  • Sugars
  • Fats
  • Proteins
  • Salt
  • Vitamins
  • Saturated Fats Milk


marketing Management of Beverages, Marketing Management of Beverages – Business Studies Project, HSC Projects, HSC Projects

All hilltop above the bottle cases and boxes are used. The plastic revisable filled 15 times on average. Just like it glasses bottles are completely recycled, much progress regarding weight has been attained in the areas of disposable packaging in recent years. The weight of the 0.33-liter beverage can be able to be reduced from approx. 80 gms 1960’s to 23 gms today, for example: –

The weight of the disposable pet bottle in 2009 was able to be reduced 1.5 gms to 2.5 gms per bottle by changing the body of the bottles, and it’s near.  According to hilltop data, merely by doing so, 1000 tons of the pet per year can be saved, which is supposed to compound co2 equivalent to approx. Three thousand three hundred tons also through improvements in materials and such, for example, through thinner foils and more economically wrapping of transport pallets.


marketing Management of Beverages, Marketing Management of Beverages – Business Studies Project, HSC Projects, HSC Projects

HillTop company makes two types of selling: direct selling, indirect selling.

Direct selling: Indirect selling, producers supply their products in shops by using their transport. They have almost more than thousands to the earlier model.

I am powering delivery truck in Mexico with diesel and electricity. These new trucks precisely than trucks previously employed, reducing co2 emissions by 40%.

Optimizing delivery routes to minimize stops and fuel usage and light-weighted packaging are two or more ways were reducing the fuel necessary for transporting our products to the market.

More than 20000 of our signatures recognize delivery trucks represents our system around the world. We want them to represents sustainable oriented transport as well. So, we are powering our flat with a mix or efficient fuels, including electricity natural gas diesel, electric hybrids oil diesel along with convectional of vehicles trucks to supply their bottles in this type of selling more than the margin.

What have we done?

We are working to increase the fuel efficiency of the fuel of more than 200000 vehicles used to deliver our products around the world. Some examples

Including 30 compacts, electric-powered trucks, our sales force in Uruguay’s new model averages one fifth the fuel consumption.


The basic proportion of our business is simple, solid, timeless. When it brings refreshment value, joy, and fun to our stakeholders, then we successfully nurture and protect our brands, particularly. Our ultimate obligation to provide consistently attractive returns to owners of the business.


Fuels, we are exploring new options they became available. We operate the largest hybrid electric flute in North America. It consists of more than 700 trucks that use about 30% less fuel than conventional diesel and could potentially reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approx. 30% more than 1 million tons annually.


There are so many factors that affect the sales of the hilltop. Here we are discussing three major factors which affect

  • Per Capita income
  • Competitors
  • Weather

Per Capita Income:

Firstly, we will discuss the per capita income. This major factor affects the sale of this budget are becoming very strict and tight to purchase things, so the disposable income of the people is coming down. So, the disposable of the people is coming down. They spend heavily on rents, utilities and education, and necessities, and after when they get the extra money, they think about the soft drinks.

So, the decreasing per capita income effects badly in the selling and production of soft drinks.


Hill’s top major competitor Pepsi and there is no hesitation in saying this because everyone knows that all the other cold drinks water, coffee, tea are the competitors.


Weather is the third major factor in effecting coke’s selling. This is the underdeveloped market, so that hilltop consumption in summer is 60% and in winters 40%.


First of all, a budget will have to be first assessed from the marketing have financial debt with the budget in your mind. You then must segment your market and understand the media and lifestyle behavior of the consumer of soft drinks. When you target your market, you can then begin understanding, what events, funds raisers, and media you can begin to search for endorsement advertising you should endorse wisely being it can be a very targeted audience depending on the beverage.

In the marketing, make sure your endorsement is relevant to your product image or complementary as this will help boost brand and purchase loyalty in your segment market.

In the marketing plan, make sure your endorsement is relevant to your product image or complementary. As this will help them boost brand and purchase loyalty in the segment market to track your endorsement efforts, you recognized to use the u.F.C coupon after to your own products or partners’ products to help evaluate effectiveness measure your results with the gained revenues during the companies.


The objective of warehouse management is to provide a set of computerized procedures for the management of warehouse inventory to maximize profits and fulfilling times.

This includes:

The receipts of stocks and returns warehouse facility. An efficient warehouse management system helps companies act express by minimizing the number of unnecessary parts of products in storage. It also helps companies keep lost sales to the minimum of having enough stock or hand to meet the demand.

I am modeling and managing the logical representation of the physical storage facilities (e.G., Racking, etc.). For example, if certain, the products are often sold together or placed near the delivery area to speed up the process or picking packing and shipping to customers.

Enabling a link to order processing and logistics management to pick, pack, ship product out of the facility.
Tracking where products are stocked in which suppliers come from arid the length of time they are stored by analyzing such data, companies can control inventory levels and maximize the use of warehousing space.


marketing Management of Beverages, Marketing Management of Beverages – Business Studies Project, HSC Projects, HSC Projects

Eye-catching position: Salesmen of the hilltop company positions their freezers and their products in an eye-catching position; normally, they keep their freezers near the entrance of the stores.

For providing their products in a good manner, the company has provided infrastructural facilities they include: –

  • Vizi coolers
  • Freezers
  • Display racks
  • Free empty bottles

Sales promotion: the company also does hilltop Sponsorships with different collages schools, cafes and sponsors their sports events and other extra curriculum activities for getting market share.

UTC Scheme: UTC scheme means under the crown scheme; hilltop often does this type very handy prizes is it. Like once, they offered bicycles, caps, TV sets, cash prizes, etc. This scheme is very popular among children.

TV commercials: As everyone knows that is the most common entertaining medium so, tv commercials is one of the most attractive ways of doing advertisement. So, hilltop company does regular T.V commercials on different channels.

Hilltop food meal: With a splash of food fun and prizes to be won, the food mela treated the people of Mumbai to a festive comprising of 50 restaurants speed out all over and bustling city’s map. The promotion saw the avoid families and friends enjoying the delicious at the restaurants, all recently upholding the hilltop.

Hilltop and McDonald’s: Hilltop by the account of McDonald’s launched, we go together joint the promotion to reinstate amongst consumers. A real sense of the affinity that both shares globally. The promotion kicked off with pos material displayed all McDonald’s restaurants along with a special offer for hilltop and fries.


This Is To Certify That  Of Class Xii – C Of School Of Ludhiana Has Completed His Project Under The Guidance Of Mrs.  A Business Studies Teacher. She Has Taken Proper Care And Shown Almost Sincerity In Competition Of His Project.

I Certify That His Project Is Upto Many Expectations Is Per Guidances

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