Economics Project Topics For Class 12

Discover the best economics project ideas for Class 12 that will enable you to get an amazing grade. Explore the topics and get useful tips and resources for a successful project.

  1. Visit to an Industry Watch the Production Process and Write a Brief Report on It
  2. Prepare A List Of Macroeconomic Problems Of Indian Economy In Brief
  3. Visit the Branch of Any Commercial Bank And Write a Report on Various Functions Performed by Bank
  4. Find Out How Many Firms in India Manufacture Soaps and Tooth Paste
  5. Study of Merits and Demerit of Plastic Money Based on Experiences of People
  6. Monetary Policy Of India – Class 12
  7. Role Of Livestock In Indian Economy Project For Class – 12
  8. Find Out the Changes in the Size & Patterns of India’s Primary Sector Contribution to National Income
  9. Economics Project On Consumer Awareness On Milk Products For Class 11th And 12th
  10. Special Features & Realities Of Rural Communication
  11. Classical Theory Of Income And Employment Project For Class 12
  12. Project On Disinvestment In India For Class 12 CBSE Economics
  13. Economy And Human Capital Development Project For Class 12
  14. Economic Project On Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan For Class 12
  15. Project On Currency Wars Reasons And Repercussions For Class12th
  16. Prepare a Family Budget
  17. Prepare a List of Capital Goods Of Institutions by Visiting Them
  18. Visit MIDC in the Nearest Area and Study the Problems Faced by Firms Located in it
  19. Experience the Law of Equi-Marginal Utility by Spending Amount on Various Good
  20. Visit a Farmer And Collect Information About His Agricultural Product On the Basis of Cost, Investment, Price and Profit
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