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Marketing Of Mineral Water Bisleri

Marketing Of Mineral Water Bisleri The fountain of all life. Even a toddler will tell you it is a prime need of the body. Sixty percent of our body weight is made up of it. Water can also be the cause of much misery. Especially in India, where contaminated water …

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Knowledge Management Bank

Knowledge Management Bank The purpose of this study was to understand the banking management practices of the creation, sharing, and acquisition of knowledge in their operations. Knowledge sharing individually or collectively, by the banking management adds value when new KM is practiced in a knowledge-intensive organization. Knowledge has been lately …

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Industrial Relation Practices In Hindustan Aeronatic Limited Sunebeda, Engine Division

Industrial Relation Practices In Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Sunebeda, Engine Division Labour today is the front page’ news throughout the world. The concept of Industrial Relations & Personnel Management centers around “labor”. Generally, labor sells his physical & mental services to others with a motto to earn his living. Hence they …

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