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, HSC XI Projects List Commerce – 11th STD Projects List, HSC Projects, HSC Projects

HSC XI Projects List Commerce – 11th STD Projects List

The 11th standard exam administered by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education allots a number of projects for each subject. Students are subjected to complete the project. Here we provide a number of sample projects for the students in order to help them complete the project easily without hassle.

Marking Scheme

1Written Examination80
2Project Preparation

(with Viva)


The 20 marks are allotted for project preparation by Mumbai University. Any student can easily obtain these marks by properly completing the project in a given format

  • Introduction
  • Aims and Objectives
  • Method and Methodology
  • Detail report of the project
  • Analysis of data
  • Conclusion
  • Discussion
  • Suggestion
  • Acknowledgment
  • Bibliography / reference

Writing a detailed project in the above-given format can easily score you 20 marks for your project submission. Here are the topics for the 11th class projects list that you should check. The sample projects are also linked for your reference

11th Class Financial Accounts Projects List – XI Commerce


  • A study of non-operating expenses of proprietary concern with examples and documents
  • A study of various policies of company as AS2, AS6 and AS 10 from annual report
  • A comparative study of conventional and modern system of accounting
  • Analytical study of all assets or documents in your family
  • Visit to any proprietary concern and preparation of journal of 8 days with the help of business transactions
  • A record of different imaginary transactions for 10 days of a new business with capital of rs 1,00,000, like stationery shop / newspaper stall / medical store / vegetable stall
  • A study of account books maintained by mahila bachat gat in your area and preparation of financial report
  • Ledger accounts and trial balance of any business concern with the help of a journal
  • A report on procedure of opening various types of bank accounts
  • A visit to factory or workshop or small scale industry and a study of various methods adopted for calculation of depreciation
  • Final accounts with the help of journal/subsidiary books of sole trading concern
  • Journalising of household transactions for a month
  • Classification of family activities into monetary and non-monetary activities
  • Preparation of bank reconciliation statement from given extract of cash book and pass book balance , (at least 15 reasons expected)
  • An analytical study of 25 different ledger accounts
  • Anyone accounting package


11th Class Organization of Commerce Projects List – XI Commerce

  • Information about automatic machines
  • Report of service industry
  • Report of seasonal goods
  • An interview of an agent
  • Pictorial presentation and information about a mall
  • Different / samples of quotations
  • A visit to manufacturing industry
  • An interview of a wholesaler/retailer
  • An interview of two successful self employed persons
  • An interview of franchise
  • E-commerce: need of today’s business world
  • Different attractive packagings
  • A visit to a bank
  • Collection of banking instruments of various banks (cheques, demand drafts, passbook , withdrawal, pay-in-slips et)
  • Employment opportunities arose due to transport
  • Attractive advertisements – advertisements in a newspaper, tv media, radio advertising etc
  • Report of branded goods
  • A visit to warehouse
  • A visit to well equipped commercial office

11th Class Economics Projects List – XI Commerce

  • Collect the data about the quality of standard of living of 20 families
  • Collect information about 25 families with the help of the following points and prepare the report:- (a) number of members in the family (b) number of males and females (c) literate and illiterate (d) working and non-working population (e) source of livelihood
  • Identify few poor students in your college and analyze their standard of living
  • Observe few unemployed people and list down their daily routine
  • Ask student if they have any unemployment person in the family and find out the problems of the unemployed
  • An interview of an entrepreneur
  • In order to get success in 11th standard examination prepare planning about study of different subjects and presents its report.
  • Visit any educational institute and collect information about different branches of education and submit its report.
  • Visit a research institute and collect information from one research work
  • Collect information of your classmates, families showing economic status.

11th Class Secretarial Practice Projects List – XI Commerce

  • Interview of a person secretary working with Doctor or any professional
  • Report of a social organization like lions club, Rotary club, Mahila bachat gat etc.
  • Informative report of a non profit association hospital, public library sports club, cultural association etc
  • Visit report : auditor’s office
  • Informative report about the office work done by computer
  • Interview of a promoter large scale businessman
  • Documents presentation : memorandum of association, articles of association.
  • Interview of a secretary – Company / Other institutes
  • Insurance proposals – Fire insurance, Marine insurance.
  • Visit to the bank to open an account
  • Prepare proformas Notice, Agenda, Resolution etc.
  • Report on visit to local organisation
  • Report on company visit.

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