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CBSE Class 12 Project Topics & Samples For Commerce

Accountancy Project Topics For Class 12 CBSE

Sr. NoTitle
1Accountancy Project On Ratio Analysis of Himalayan Drug Company
2Visit A Partnership Firm Study The Management Of The Firm And Prepare A Reports On It
3A Report On Procedure Of Registration Of Partnership Firm Under Partnership Act 1932
4Preparation Of A Report On Various Treatments Of Bills Of Exchange
5Studying The Method Of Valuation Of Goodwill Accounting Treatment In Case Of Admission, Retirement Or Death Of A Partner
6Analytical Study Of Various Adjustments In Final Accounts Of Partnership Firm
7Visit A Company And Preparation Of Informative Report On The Procedure Of Issue Of Debentures
8A Report On Procedure Of Winding Up Partnership Firm
9An Interview With A Share Broker
10A Report On Procedure Of Opening A Demat Account
11A Report On The Procedure Of Purchasing And Selling Of Shares Through Demat Account
12Accountancy Project On Bajaj
13Financial Statements Of Nestle Accountancy Project CBSE Class 12
14Comprehensive Accountancy Project – 2019-2020
15Business Studies Project On Import And Export
16Tata Motors Balance Sheet- Best Financial Accounting Project
17Financial Accounting Project On Nestle
18Accountancy ITC Limited Ratio Analysis
19Accountancy Project File Comprehensive And Specific Project
20Cipla Ratio Analysis Class 12 Accountancy Project
21Dabur Vs Patanjali Ratio Analysis Class 12 Accounts Project
22Accountancy Project Class 12th CBSE Ratio Analysis Wipro
23Financial analysis of Axis Bank
24Accountancy Project On Journal Transactions Ledger
25Segment Analysis Of Aditya Birla Group Accounts Project Work For Class 12th
26Accounts Project Class 12th Analysis Of Financial Statement Company – Infosys
27Accountancy Project Ratio Analysis Of Voltas
28Accountancy Project Ratio Analysis Of Tcs
29Asian paints Cash flow analysis Class 12 Accounts Project
30Accountancy Project Ratio Analysis Of Amul
31Accountancy Project Ratio Analysis Of Britania
32Accountancy Project Ratio Analysis Of Dabur
33Accountancy Project Ratio Analysis Of Nestle
34Accountancy Project Ratio Analysis Of Reliance Industries
35Accountancy Project Ratio Analysis Of Mahindra
36Accountancy Project Ratio Analysis Of Maruti Suzuki
37Accountancy Project Ratio Analysis Of Himalaya
38Accountancy Project Ratio Analysis Of Godrej
39Accountancy Project Ratio Analysis Of Jsw Steel
40Accountancy Project Ratio Analysis Of Asian Paints
41Accountancy Project Ratio Analysis Of Hindustan Unilever
42Accountancy Project Ratio Analysis Of Hindalco Industries
43Accountancy Project Ratio Analysis Of Hdfc Life Insurance
44Accountancy Project Ratio Analysis Of Raymond
45Accountancy Project Ratio Analysis Of Everest Industries
46Accountancy Project Ratio Analysis Of Cello Vim
47Accountancy Project Ratio Analysis Of Orient Electric
48Accountancy Project Ratio Analysis Of Bajaj
49Accountancy Project Ratio Analysis Of Adani
50Accountancy Project Ratio Analysis Of Bata
51Accountancy Project Ratio Analysis Of Titan
52Godrej Cash Flow Analysis Class 12 Cbse Projects
53Accountancy Project Ratio Analysis Of Bharat Petroleum
54Accountancy Project Ratio Analysis Of Tata Motors
55Accountancy Project Ratio Analysis Of Blue Star
56Accountancy Project Ratio Analysis Of Dr Reddys
57Blue Star Flow Analysis Class 12 Cbse Projects
58Birla Corporation Ltd. Ratio Analysis Class 12
59Titan Common Size & Comparative Balance Sheet Accounts Project
60Titan Cash Flow Analysis Accounts Project
61Asian Paints Common Size & Comparative Balance Sheet
62Asian Paints Cash Flow Analysis Class 12 Accounts Project
63Infosys Common Size & Comparative Balance Sheet
64Hero Motors Ratio Analysis Class 12
65Tata Motors Common Size & Comparative Balance Sheet
66Infosys Common Size & Comparative Income Statement
67Legal Studies Project On Cases for Class 12th CBSE
68Financial Accounting Project On Hindustan Unilever LTD

Business Studies Project List CBSE

Sr. NoTitle
1Marketing Management Of Biscuits – Business Studies Project
2Project On Child Labour – Business Studies Class 12
3Marketing Manegement Of Lipstick CBSE Class 12
4Marketing Management Project On Organic Vegetable Service
5Project On Marketing Management Of Sarees
6Marketing Management Project On Hair Oil
7Marketing Management Of Hand Sanitizer
8Marketing Management Of Mobile App For Dog Services
9Marketing Management Of Watches
10Marketing Management Project For Class 12 On Chocolate
11Project On Stock Exchange Financial Management Class 12 Cbse
12Entrepreneurship Development Project Edp Business Plan
13Marketing Management Project On Eyeliner – CBSE Class 12
14Priciples Of Management – Henri Fayols Priciples – Chayos
15Principles Of Management In Pantaloons
16Principles Of Management In Big Bazaar
17Marketing Management Of Ladies Bag
18Marketing Management Of Mask
19Marketing Management Of Crayons
20Marketing Management Project On Tata Steel Long Products
21Marketing Management Project On Product Shampoo & Conditioner
22Marketing Management Of Noodles
23Marketing Management Of Coffee
24Marketing Management Of Footwear
25Marketing Management Of Food Delivery App
26Marketing Management Of Tea
27Marketing Management Of Jewellery
28Marketing Management Of Shoes
29Marketing Management Of Perfumes
30Business Studies Project On MNC Coca Cola
31Marketing Management Project On Cycle
32Marketing Management Project On Soft Drink
33Marketing Management Cigno
34Marketing Management Of Jeans
35Marketing Management Chips
36Marketing Management Of Scooty
37Marketing Management Of Washing Powder
38Business Studies Project- Marketing Management Of Breakfast Cereals
39Marketing Management Of Fruit Juice
40Marketing management of Nestle
41Marketing Management Of Eraser
42Marketing Management Class 12 Project On Pencil
43Marketing Management Project On Hair Dye Class 12
44Marketing Management Of Washing Machine
45Marketing Management Project On Microwave Oven
46Business Studies Project On “Marketing Management” On Bread For Class 12th
47Marketing Management Project On Product Bathing Soap
48Marketing Management Project On Newspaper For Class 12
49Marketing Management Project On Moisturizer Business Studies Project Class 12
51Marketing Management File On – Music System
52Marketing Management Project On Ketchup
53Business Studies Project – Marketing Management Handbags
54Marketing Management Project On Wallet
55Marketing Management Project On Peanut Butter
56project on Marketing mix of jewellery for class 12
57What will happen if one rupee become equal to one dollar project for class12
58Project on Modes Of Entering Into International Business for class 12 CBSE
59Marketing management project for class 12 on water bottle
60marketing management project on alchol wine for class 12
61business studies project on marketing of diapers for class 12
62study the responsiveness of demand for comodities like salt, match box, candle, television, food grain with respect to the income level of three famalies
63Project on marketing strategies for skin care products for class 12
64Marketing management project on perfumes for class 12 CBSE
65Project on Bitcoin the New Revolution in Digital Currency for class 12th cbse
66Marketing Management project on Refined oil for class 12 cbse
67project on Business plan and market survey for class 12 cbse
68marketing management project on cars manufacturing for class 12 cbse

Economics Project Topics For Class 12 CBSE

Sr. NoTitle
1Prepare A Family Budget
2Economics Project On Unemployment
3Goods And Service Tax And Its Impact On Gdp
4Project On Digital India
5Food Supply Chain In India
6Economics Project On Government Budget
7Economics Project Poverty
8Economics Project On Supply – CBSE 12
9Unemployment Project Class 12
10Micro And Small Scale Industries
11Economics Project On Price Determination
12Waste Management With Two Case Studies -economics
13Digital India With Impact Of Covid-19
14Make In India Economics Project Class 12 CBSE
15Economics Project CBSE Class 12- Unemployment
16Economics Project On-Demand CBSE Class 12
17Economics Project On Globalisation- CBSE Class 12
18Economics Project On Monopoly – CBSE Class 12
19Economics Project On Money And Banking – Class 12
20Economics Project Onn Demonetization
21Study The Advertisement That You Watch On Television
22Economics CBSE Class12 Project – Inflation
23Forms Of Markets – Economics Project
24Central Bank And Its Functions – Economics Project
25Government Budget And Its Components
26Micro Finance And Its Impact
27Cashless Economy – Economy Project CBSE 12
28Economics Project On Currency War
29Economics Project On GDP
30Economics Project Class 12th Determination Of Income And Employment
31Barter System And Evolution Of Money
32RBI In Control Of Credit
33Bumper Production Boon Or Bane For Farmers
34Monopoly Indian Railways
35Class 12 Economics Project On Money And Banking
36Economics Project Organic Farming
37Economics Project Theory Of Supply
38Economics Project On Money
39Micro And Small Scale Industries With Covid-19 Effect- Economics Project Class 12 CBSE
40Economics Project On Waste Management
41Technology In Economy
42Human Capital Formation
43Economics Project On Online Shopping
44Economics Project On Methods Of Data Collection
45Economics Project Balance Of Payments
46Economics Project On The Topic Of Multiplier And Its Application In The Indian Economy CBSE
47Economics Class 12 Project Inclusive Growth Strategy In India
48India: Industrial Policy, Liberalisation And Impact Project
49Demographic Structure Project Statistics CBSE Project
50Project On Price Elasticity Of Demand
51Commercial Banks And Its Functions
52Economics Project – ‘Poverty’ With Effect Of Covid 19
53Economics Project On Alternate Fuels
54Economics Project On Golden Quadrilateral For Class 12
55Economics Project On Keynesian Theory Of Income And Employment For 12
56Organic Farming Project For Class 11th & 12 CBSE
57Inclusive Growth Project For Class – 12
58Economics Project On Human Development Index For Class12th CBSE
59Economics Project On RBI Class 12 CBSE
60Economics Project On Startup India Class 12 CBSE
61Project on Central Bank And Its Functions in INDIA – Class 12
62Project on GST- Class 12

Entrepreneurship Project List CBSE

Sr. NoTitle
1Women Empowerment
2Marketing Survey On Icecream
3Business Idea Chocolate
4Business Plan | Wireless Earphone
5Business Studies Project Jewellery
6Business Plan Cookies
7Business Plan Gym
8Marketing Survey On Shuttlecock
9Entrepreneurship Project Market Survey Organ Donation
10Entrepreneurship Project Market Survey Herbal Lipsticks
11Entrepreneurship Project Market Survey Pen Drive With Mp3 Player
12Entrepreneurship Project Market Survey Photo Frames
13Entrepreneurship Project Business Plan Bouquet (Flower Collection)
14Entrepreneurship Business Plan Project Chips Frenchy Chips
15Business Plan Project | Chocolate Pizza
16Entrepreneurship Project | Business Plan | Burger
17Market Survey | Burger
18Entrepreneurship Project | Case Study | Entrepreneur: Sanat Nimbarak
19Business Plan Project | Wireless Earphones
20Market Survey | Kajal With Eyeliner
21Market Survey | Wireless Earphones
22Case Study| Entrepreneur Deepali Chugh| Sizzlin Scizzors
23Entrepreneurship Market Survey Project On Cold Drink
24Business Plan Soap Entrepreneurship Project Class 12
25Entrepreneurship Project Market Survey Bisleri
26Market Survey Project On Chocolate
27Entrepreneurship Project Business Plan Of Clothing Manufacturing Company
28Business Plan On Doodle Tee
29Project On E-commerce Sites
30Business Plan On Restaurants
31Entrepreneurship Project Market Survey On Electric Vehicles
32Entrepreneurship Project (Data Analysis, Market Survey)on Smartphones
33Entrepreneurship Project File On Ro System Kent
34Entrepreneurship Project On Business Plan Class – 12
35Entrepreneurship Market Survey Project Class12 On Men Clothing
36Business Project On Body Scrub
37Marketing Management Of Processed Foods
38Marketing Management Of Tata Motors
39Marketing Management Of Watches
40Marketing Management Of Perfumes
41Marketing Management Of Fruit Juice
42Business Studies Project For Class 12th On Clothing / Fashion
43Marketing Management Of Electric Vehicles
44Marketing Management Of Laptops
45Marketing Management Of Tv
46Marketing Management Of Smart Watch
47Marketing Management Of Bike
48Marketing Management Project On Footwear
49Marketing Management Of Camera
50Marketing Management Of Mixer
51Marketing Management Of Furniture
52Marketing Management Of Refrigerators
53Marketing Management Of Headphones
54Marketing Management Of Bicycles

CBSE Class 12 History Project Topics

Sr. NoTitle
1Buddha’s Path To Enlightenment
2Help Humanity And Sacrifices During Partition
3Vijaya Nagara Empire
4Gandhiji The Legendary Soul
5Glimpses Inside Mughal Imperial Household
6Project On Colonialism And The Countryside
7Divine Apostle Of Guru Nanak Dev Ji
8History Project On Mughal Emperor
9History Project The Revolt Of 1857
10Thinkers Believers And Building History Project Class 12
11History Project China
12History Project On The Mysteries Behind The Mound Of Death Mohenjodaro
13Projects On Mahabharat History Project
14Philosophies & Contribution Of Rabindranath Tagore & Plato
15History Class 12 Jainism And Buddhism
16History Class 12 Hinduism Jainism Buddhism
17History Project On Bhakti Movement Of India
18Depiction Of Life During Mughals Through Buildings & Paintings History Project Class 12 Cbse
19Colonial Cities Project File Class 12
20First War Of Independence Project
21The Mysteries of The Mound Of Death: Mohenjo Daro
22History Project On The Harappan Civilization For Class12th
23History Project On Bhakti-Sufi Traditions Class12 CBSE
24History Project On Partition Of 1947 For Class12th CBSE
25History Project on Mahatma Gandhi And The Nationalist Movement For Class12th CBSE

Political Science Project List CBSE

Sr. NoTitle
1Political Science Project On Era Of The Cold War
2Political Science Project Onglobalisation
3Political Science Project On Non-Alignment Movement
4Political Science Project On United Nations
5Make In India
6Centre Of Powers
7Challenges Of Nation Building
8Class 12 Political Scinece Niti Ayog
9Political Science Project On New Centers Of Power
10Political Science Project On Narab Spring A Way To Democracy
11Political Science Project On Emergency
12Political Science Project On Indias Foreign Policy
13Indira Gandhi – Cbse Project Class 12 Political Science
1412th Political Science Project- SAFTA
15Political Science Project – SAARC
16International Organisation Class 12 Cbse Political Science
17SAARC & BRICS Class 12th Political Science
18India’s Foreign Policy And Non-Alignment Project 12th
19India China Relations Project
20Constitution-why And How Project Class 12 Cbse
21Reservation In India Cbse Class 12
22Class 12th Political Science Project On South Asia And The Contemporary World
23Regional Aspirations Class 12 Cbse Projects
24The New World Order – Political Science Project
25Political Science Project On India’s Foreign Policy Class 12 CBSE
26Political Science Project On New Centres Of Power Class12th
27Project On The Role Of GDP In Developing India – Class 12
28Project On Environmental And Natural Resources For Political Science Class12th CBSE
29Political Science Project On Parties And The Party System In India For Class 12th CBSE

Principle Of Management list12th Commerce CBSE

Sr. NoTitle
1Principles Of Management Firm Name – Dominos
2Principles Of Management And Its Application Kfc
3Principles Of Management And Its Application In Burger King
4Project Report On Henry Fayol’s Priciples Of Management With Reference To V Mart
5Marketing Management On Noodles Class -12
6Principles Of Management Project On Starbucks
7Principles Of Management Project On Mc Donalds
8Principles Of Management – Shoppers Stop
914 Principles Of Management
10Principles Of Management Pizza Hut
11Priciples Of Management Dunkin Doughnuts
12Priciples Of Management Reliance Fresh
13Priciples Of Management Subway
14Priciples Of D Mart
15Principles Of Management Project Class Henry Fayol’s
16Priciples Oof Management Amul
17Business Studies Project Work On Topic Packaging
18Marketing Management On Shoe Polish
19Business Studies Class 12 Cbse Project On Marketing Management Of Toothpaste
20Business Studies Project On Marketing Management Face Wash Class 12 Cbse
21Project On Principles Of Management
22Marketing Management Project Of Colours/business Studies Class 12
23Business Studies Project Haldiram
24Marketing Management Business Studies Project Cbse Frusion Juice
25Stock Exchange Business Studies Project Class 12 Cbse
26Marketing Strategy For New Toothpaste In India


Sr. NoTitle
1Psychology Project Class 12 CBSE Depression
2Psychology Project Class 12 CBSE Schizophrenia
3Psychology Project Class 12 CBSE Illusions
4Class 12 Psychology Case Study On ADHD(Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
5Class 12 Cbse Psychology PPD
6Psychology Project Class 12 Gender Equality


Sr. NoTitle
1Project On Impact Of Online Studies On Senior Students Class12
2English Project ASL on Empowerment of Women – Class 12 CBSE
3English ASL Project On Fear For Class 11 And 12 CBSE
4English Project Work On Rattrap – Class 12 CBSE
5English Project On Keeping Quiet – Class 12 CBSE
6English Project On Indigo (Champaran Satyagraha) ASL for class 12 CBSE
7English project on Milkha Singh for class 12th
8Project on Influence of media and technology on education and learning for class 12 cbse
9English project on “The Third Level” for class 12 cbse
10Tourism Project On Cape Town For CBSE Class 12th

Social Science 12th Commerce CBSE

Sr. NoTitle
1Project On Earthquake For Social Science CBSE 12

CBSE Projects For Class 12 Physical Education

Sr. NoTitle
Physical Education Project for Class 12th CBSE
physical education project for class 12 cbse on basketball
physical education project for class 12 cbse on tennis
physical education project on kho kho for class 12 cbse
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