Electrical Electronics Engineering Project Topics

Discover electronics project topics, mini projects, and final year ideas. Explore power electronics, M.Tech projects, and more in our extensive list.

  1. IOT-Based Air and Sound Pollution Monitoring System
  2. IOT – Based Underground Cable Fault Detection
  3. LiFi Technology High-Speed Data Transfer System
  4. Future of Utility Billing with Prepaid Electricity Meters
  5. Implementing an Early Flood Detection System
  6. Efficient 12V Battery Charger with Auto Cut-Off
  7. Marketing with Location-Based GPS Advertising
  8. Building a Home Air Quality Monitoring System
  9. IOT – Smart Agriculture Monitoring Systems
  10. The Overvoltage and Undervoltage Protection System
  11. IoT-Based Home Automation System
  12. IoT-Based Car Parking Management System
  13. Electronic Vehicle Charging: The Solar-Powered Wireless Solution
  14. Efficiently Control a Pick and Place Robotic Arm Vehicle Through Your Android Device
  15. Smartphone Stand for Video Calling and Recording
  16. Industrial Efficiency with Production Target Counter Sensor Systems
  17. Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Projects with Integrated Inverter Technology
  18. Automatic Industrial Production Line Counter System Project
  19. Educational Institutions with Arduino-Based RFID Attendance System
  20. Wireless FM Transmitter Microphone Project
  21. Flood Management with IOT-based Monitoring & Alerting Systems
  22. Smart Ultrasonic Glasses for the Blind
  23. Bike Security Anti-Theft Devices and Alarm Systems
  24. Building a 24/7 Security System with an Ultrasonic Radar Project
  25. Solar Efficiency with Sun Tracking Solar Panel Using Arduino
  26. An Android and Arduino-Based Solution for Level Crossing Safety Project
  27. Electronics with Auto Switching Power Supply Project
  28. Automatic Street Lights Triggered by Vehicle Movement Project
  29. High Voltage DC Generator System Based on Marx Principle
  30. High Voltage DC Generator Using Marx Generator
  31. Smart Blind Stick Project: Enhancing Navigation with Sensors, Arduino, and Advanced Features
  32. Commercial Power Saver Capacitor Project
  33. DIY Portable Mini Refrigerator – Power of Peltier Modules for Can Cooling
  34. Smart Plant Monitoring System: Soil Moisture Sensors and Alerts
  35. Advanced Vehicle Tracking System Using GPS and GSM Technology
  36. Smart Solar Energy Monitoring System Powered by IOT Technologies
  37. Smart Garbage Monitoring System Using IOT for Efficient Waste Management
  38. Coal Mine Safety with IOT-Based Monitoring and Alerting Systems
  39. Smart Hybrid Solar Inverter Systems for Battery Charging
  40. Paralysis Patient Care with IoT-Enabled Health Systems
  41. Automatic Irrigation System Using Soil Moisture Sensor
  42. Smart Dustbin Project with IOT Notifications
  43. Ultrasonic Distance Measurement Projects
  44. Industrial Efficiency with Microcontroller-Based Programmable Automation Project
  45. RPM Display and Speed Controller for BLDC Motors
  46. Automatic Coil Winding Machines
  47. Future of Green Transportation with STM32-Controlled Ebike Speed Systems
  48. RFID Based Petrol Pump Automation System for Secure and Convenient Refueling
  49. IOT Home Automation Using Raspberry Pi Project
  50. Solar Power Bank with Wireless Charging System
  51. Solar-Powered Automatic Grass Cutter
  52. Healthcare with IOT Virtual Doctor Robots
  53. Smart Street Light Monitoring and Automation Using IoT and Arduino
  54. IoT-Based Liquid Level Monitoring System
  55. Energy Savings with the Power Efficient Mini Inverter Project
  56. Road Safety with the Automatic Road Reflector Light System
  57. Motion-Based Automatic Door Opening Systems
  58. The Advanced Car Speed Checker with LCD Display
  59. Advanced Wireless AC Power Detector Project
  60. 3D Holographic Display System with Integration of Gesture Control Technology
  61. Wireless Mobile Charger Project
  62. IOT-Enabled Syringe Infusion Pump
  63. Automated Fire Detection and Alarm System
  64. Automatic Smoke Detector Alarm Project
  65. IOT Enabled Smart Energy Grid
  66. Small-Scale Sound Amplification
  67. An Automatic Solution for Efficient Water Management
  68. School Timetables with Smart Digital School Bells
  69. AC to High-Voltage DC Using Power of Voltage Multiplier Circuits
  70. IOT-Based Weather Reporting System
  71. Advanced Wireless Power Transfer System – Future of Energy
  72. Automating Water Supply with Auto Water Pump Switcher
  73. Multi Robot Coordination For Swarm Robotics
  74. Smart Robotic Automatic Vacuum Cleaner
  75. Wearable Computer with Temperature and Distance Sensor
  76. Women’s Safety with GPS-Enabled Device and Real-Time Alerts
  77. Home Safety with an IOT-Based LPG Gas Leakage Detector Using Arduino
  78. Solar Power Irrigation System
  79. Smart Energy Management System – Control Your Appliances Anywhere via GSM
  80. Smart Energy Meter Monitoring with IOT
  81. Smart Traffic Management and Monitoring System Using IOT and Arduino
  82. The Smart Solar Grass Cutter with Complete Lawn Coverage
  83. The Capabilities of Remote-Controlled Pick and Place Robotic Vehicles
  84. Advanced LPG/CNG Gas Leakage Detection and Accident Prevention System
  85. Solar Energy with Dual Axis Solar Tracking System and Weather Sensor
  86. IOT-Based Health Monitoring System
  87. LIDAR Micro Drone – Proximity Sensing for Safe Indoor and Outdoor Flying
  88. IOT – Based Underground Cable Fault Detection
  89. IOT – Smart Agriculture Monitoring Systems
  90. The Smart Shopping Trolley That Follows Customer
  91. Audio Spotlighting Project
  92. Advanced Car Safety Protection with an Airbag Notification System
  93. The Interactive Digital Nameplate with Visitor Sensing
  94. TV Remote Controlled Robotic Vehicle
  95. Fast Voting Game Project
  96. The 360° 4K HD Video Drone for Professional Filmmaking Project
  97. Single Phase Induction Motor with Smooth Start Technology
  98. Android Controlled Hovercraft Technology Project
  99. Android Controlled DC Motor Speed System Project
  100. Voice Activated Hot and Cold Water Dispenser System
  101. Advanced Precision The Cutting Edge Digital Temperature Controller
  102. The Innovative Electronic Watch Dog Project
  103. Advanced Weather Imaging CubeSat with Telemetry Project
  104. IOT Smart Mirror With News & Temperature Project
  105. Rain Sensing Motorized Umbrella Bag Mounted Project
  106. Advanced Vehicle Speed Limiter Technology Project
  107. DIY Bluetooth Gamepad for Android Gaming Project
  108. Smart Floor Cleaner Robot Using Android Project
  109. Wireless Doorbell Calling System for Homes and Offices
  110. Advanced MC Based Line Follower Robot
  111. 3 DOF Hydraulic Extractor Mini JCB Project
  112. IOT Enhanced Biometric Attendance System
  113. Smart Crop Protection System From Animals PIC
  114. Thyristor Based Cycloconverter Technology
  115. Rain Sensing Automatic Car Wiper Project
  116. Coin Operated Water ATM with Bottle Dispenser Project
  117. Solar Vacuum Cleaner & Floor Cleaner Robot Project
  118. Automatic Pneumatic Operated Coconut Dehusking Machine Project
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